build a new pc

  steve_rfc 21:45 13 Oct 2007

ive been thinking about building ma own pc for a while but was woundering how difficult it would be ??

  Stevie07 22:03 13 Oct 2007

Steve it's fairly easy and I have done it a number of times. However the risk is that should one component become damaged or not work duringthe build you'll need some fairly high level skills to fix it. Remember that you won't also have the same warranty backup. I've just bought a high end PC fully made up with a two year warranty that when I priced the parts up I would of had a saving of £50. It wasn't worth the hassle and I've got better piece of mind that all the parts are compatable and covered under a good warranty. Think carefully.

  Migwell 06:32 14 Oct 2007

When building your own PC, and it costing a little more than a shop bought one, the satisfaction you get from having built it yourself is a fantastic feeling. Knowing that you have acquired a new skill gives you a certain kick, which makes it all worth while.

If need be you can ask any question on this forum about building your new PC and any problems you may encounter along the way to that self build, and help will be given. No question is thought of as being daft here on the PCA forum as we all had to learn in the first place. I know I did!

So give it a go and enjoy every moment, the forum members will help you through to your end result and that fantastic feeling that you get when YOU DID IT.

  €dstowe 06:51 14 Oct 2007

The best thing about a bespoke computer, whether you build yourself of have it made by a friend or local builder, is that ALL the components are the ones YOU chose to put in there. There is no chance then of having the cheapest of this and second grade of that stuffing up your machine waiting to fail at startup (or just after).

Another thing is that you don't have loads of unwanted, and often quite useless, software cluttering up your hard drive AND you have an original operating system disk in case something goes wrong. To be able to get a commercial machine these days with a true copy of the O/S (rather than a "recovery disk" or, worse, a hidden partition containing an interpretation of the O/S) is very unusual.

  laurie53 07:37 14 Oct 2007

Go for it.

Built my first in April.

Still as chuffed as a dog with two tails!

If you've done upgrades, e.g. hard drive, memory, you should find no real problems.

Now waiting (hoping?) for something to go wrong to justify my doing iy again!

  100andthirty 08:02 14 Oct 2007

you could look hear for some basic instructions and there's all sorts of other helpful sites on the 'net

click here

click here

  topdude 08:54 14 Oct 2007

Hi, a good way to start is to buy a motherboard bundle, this gives you the motherboard, processor,heatsink and suitable memory, all assembled and tested. Just add a case and other components of your choice.
I can recomend Novatech for this, i used a bundle for my last PC and it is the most stable one i have built so far.
click here

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