build my own computer

  Boy Zone 18:39 20 Feb 2011

something I've always wanted to do is build my own PC.
I have a budget of £500 to use on a desk top and yet not waste it. Monitor comes next.
I've read many links on this subject and don't think its too difficult a task, just making sure you do the things you should do, i.e. don't rush it.
So where should I start to look for the parts?
I don't play games but want a i5 intel m/c
best CPU , good video card with HDMI, DVD writer, ethenet card and wireless, plenty RAM , win 7 64 bit.

  alB 18:46 20 Feb 2011

Novetech's a good place to start click here ...alB

  morddwyd 20:17 20 Feb 2011

I used Novatech, with Dabs as a backup/comparison.

Enjoy that feeling when the Windows logo comes up for the first time - there's nothing quite like it, not even becoming a dad!

  Boy Zone 20:44 20 Feb 2011

Just reviewed the sites in question, wide choice.
Not sure now what mother board to go for, help...

I know I would like an Intel CPU .

Would like to spend £450 on PC with £150 on monitor,

would welcome any suggestions

  pk46 21:26 20 Feb 2011

A word of warning it is not as easy as you may think to build a computer get it wrong and it costs.

  ton 21:40 20 Feb 2011

Look at bundles on Novatech.

Motherboard,CPU and memory all tested, so you know they work and are compatable.

  rickf 23:03 20 Feb 2011

Go for it. You can't go wrong. BTW, Novatech has been voted 3rd best provider of PCs by Which. Customer SErvice is tops.

  gengiscant 09:41 21 Feb 2011

Contrary to 'pk46' it is not difficult to build a PC,yes things can and do go wrong even for experienced builders, but making sure that your parts are compatible with each other will lessen the chance of problems.

Certainly going the Novatech way will insure that the main parts are compatible, I personally like to spec my own parts so spend a fair bit of time researching.

Looking at the i5 bundle at Novatech, I am not impressed with it,it has an Intel board,Intel really don't do good motherboards also it is small,micro ATX.
You would need more RAM and prices have dropped so its possible to do better than the bundle offers.
Nothing wrong with the CPU looking at the reviews.
Your motherboard will come with an Ethernet port and to get wireless just add a PCi board.
Then there is the graphics card,power supply,case,hard drives 1 or 2,optical drives again 1 or 2.
Monitor should not be a problem for £150.

If you would like I can put together a list that might suit your needs,I have no doubt others will also help.

  Boy Zone 13:59 21 Feb 2011

I think I'd welcome any assistance and as gengiscant has offered would like some help with compability issues, which is the only issue that I would have difficulty with.

  gengiscant 16:07 21 Feb 2011

I have managed to put together some components but because you are wanting an i5 CPU I am finding it difficult to keep it under £500 including postage.

  Boy Zone 16:40 21 Feb 2011

Please give me what you have, this will give me something to work on.
From what I've looked at so far I was considering the following:-
CPU Intel I5 -760 (quad)
Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 video card
1T SATA2 hard drive
Dual Layer DVD writer
300mbps wireless LAN
Thermaltake V3 case

This is approx £550 which is a little higher than I wanted to pay,

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