Build a computer for video editing

  top 22:32 20 Jan 2003
  top 22:32 20 Jan 2003

Could someone out there help with the spec for building a computer foe video editing at home.

  malith 00:29 21 Jan 2003


Try Here. click here In addition try to add a scsi hard drive to your system.

  Jungle 07:38 21 Jan 2003


This is easy and hard all in one...It all depends on your budget and what you intend to do with the edited footage, along with whether you have a Digital Video Camera or not.

But the basics are...

Buy the fastest processor you can afford along with the best video card and as much Ram as possible ( preferable DDR type ). If you have a Digital camera you will need a Firewire port, if you do not have a digital camera you will need to buy a graphics card with compisite / video connections or a seperate PCI card.

( These can be bought from plenty of places from PCWORLD to websites like Dabs, Simply and so on ).

Or you can buy a complete package from someone like Pinnacle where you will get the hardware ie compisite connections and the software to put into your computer to begin video editing.

You can do video editing on a 500Mhz machine running 128MG of Ram with a 16MB Graphics card and a 10Gig hard drive, but things will be very slow, and it will not be much fun ( which lets face it is more than half of the reason why anyone would want to edit. ) , and you wont fit that much footage onto the hard drive.

Unfortunately your question is a little bit like how long is a peice of string. It all depends on how deep your pockets are and how much footage / how often you intend on doing it...

I would recommend at least 256 - 512MG of DDR fast ram ( if poss ) along with at least a Gforce 3 TI card or ATI equilv, and a sizeable Hard Drive ( over 40Gig ) and if possible a second Hard Drive just for video footage.

Processor wise as mentioned get the fastest you can afford but anything over 1 GHz will be fine.

( Which if you are building a new machine you are likely to go for 1.4 + )

Up until very recently I was editing using a Pet III 1GHZ machine running 512MG RAM with a Gforce 4 TI 4200 128 MB RAM card and everything went very well. I only upgraded to a faster PC as I started to do more and more conversions to MPEG footage ( ie VCD / DVD's ) and Pet 4 is the better processor / speedier for these type of tasks.

If you look at the reviews on this website, basically any of the machines from Super to budget will edit video, some will do it faster and allow you do edit more, but thats basically the only difference.

With regards to software Im afraid theres a wide choice..ULEAD / PINNACLE / MGI / VIDEOWAVE just to mention a few. I have used most applications and have settled with Pinnacle Studios , I find it very easy to use and it produces professional results.

But once again its all down to personal choice and budget.

Good luck and all the best.


  Jungle 07:48 21 Jan 2003

Have a look here click here

This was the PC that I built recently.


  MichelleC 11:53 21 Jan 2003

This is my spec; HARDWARE
Win 98se
Athlon AMD 1.2 gb
512 ram
main hd 40gb 5400
2nd hd 60gb 7200
external hd 120gb
DVD 16x
cdwr 16x 10x 40x
1394 firewire

Video Factory
Magix Video deluxe

Sony TRV 120E
but 256ram, shared graphics card, and 2hd's are fine.

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