Buiding my first PC, and i need plenty of help lol

  SupectBasher 22:36 06 Jan 2009

Hi guys

Ive got a pretty old computer with a pentium 4 2.8 processor and its driving m crazy because it is so slow!

So I'm going to take the big step and build myself my first computer.

Well I've done plenty of reading up and am quite confident in doing the build but am getting more and more confussed about which components to buy.

I use my computer mostly for the internet, but also as a tv and do quite a lot of video streaming.

So my qestion to you guys is can you point me in the right sort of direction for motherboard, processor, graphics card, PSU and a good quality wireless pci card for my broadband.

I know im being cheek asking for litteally a whole spec design,but there are hundreds of each poduct and as a newbie I don't know where to start and don't want to make a way too powerfull and "expensive" PC for what I need.

Thanks for any help you can give me :)

hi, i built my 1st pc early last year and used the following as my spec:

Asus P5K mobo; Intel E6750; crucial ballistix 2x1gb 1066mhz DDR2; Samsung spinpoint HD501LJ 500gb; Asus 8800gt gpu; ocz gameXstream 600w; antec 900 case; arctic freezer pro; SATA dvd drive; SATA blu-ray drive

That was a year ago and I have overclocked (again for the first time) to 3ghz successfully and the only item I regret is the 'non' modular power unit, which Ive just upgraded to a coolermaster 650w modular one.

Hope this helps.

  Desperate-Dan 07:55 07 Jan 2009

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  lol. 09:32 07 Jan 2009

You called?

  Andsome 09:38 07 Jan 2009

I have just had a new computer built for me by our local shop. I can highly recommend ANTEC cases. They use rubber mounts inside to cut down vibration. There is a very full range to choose from. While you are at it, get a good sized external USB hard drive and dedicate it to regular ACRONIS back ups. No need to ever reinstall Windows then.

  Ex plorer 09:53 07 Jan 2009

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  slimpickins 11:06 07 Jan 2009

(In my opinion) If you are trying to save money go for AMD, their best chips aren't as fast as Intel's but you're not going to be spending that much and AMD's are better value.

Get a proper set of tools and an anti-static wrist strap.

Start with the case and the mobo, get a large case and a full ATX board because the extra space makes things a lot easier to install.

The current AMD chip is AM2 but AM3 is just round the corner, so make sure the mobo is AM3 compatible.

Make sure it has onboard graphics and make life easier by them being the same as the graphics card you intend to install. Radeon cards tend to be cheaper the nVidea. Buying an assembled mobo/cpu/memory bundle from somewhere like Novatech saves a lot of hassle.

Get a PSU of at least 500w and HD of 1tb if you can afford one.

Basically spend your money on the things you don't want to upgrade like the motherboard, you can always fit a faster cpu, graphics card etc in the future. Finally, consider noise, it's very easy to build a very noisy PC buying cheap parts.

  SupectBasher 11:16 07 Jan 2009

I have got together the following build:

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H 780G £55
OPTICAL DRIVE: I am using my existing dvd drives (HP dvd 940 and LG GDR 8163B DVD-ROM DRIVE)
TV TUNER: Existing Tv Tuner (Win TVR)
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint 750GB £60
REMOTE: Microsoft OEM Media Center Remote Control £18
Case: NZXT Hush low noise chassis
PSU: To be decided once settled on CPU
Memory: 2x 1GB Crucial 667MHz £20

So please any advice on a CPU and will I need a CPU cooler? And if you advise any changes for the better I will take any advice.

  nosharpe 13:01 07 Jan 2009

The board supports AMD Phenom & Athlon CPU's.
I buy Intel CPU's so I can't recommend an AMD CPU.
You may find that the price of a Sata DVD drive is worth buying too.
PC6400 800Mhz memory is also recommended
I would also add a dedicated graphics card - ATI Radeon as the board supports Crossfire

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