Bug/insect in my Philips LCD panel................

  QUADDRA 19:58 15 Mar 2004


I have a Philips LCD panel and some poxy insect has managed to crawl in behind the screen.
I guess it has died now as it hasn’t moved for some time, but it is really bugging me as it has set itself just of the centre of the screen.
I no it is not a pixel problem as I watched crawl around for 10 minutes.
So how do I get rid????


  Djohn 20:05 15 Mar 2004

Hi QUADDRA. I didn't think this was possible! Are you sure it's an insect or bug of some sort? If it's behind the screen, how is the image of it showing through? If this is correct then I think it may need to go back to the supplier to be dealt with. How long have you had it. [The monitor not the bug] :o(

  Gaz 25 20:16 15 Mar 2004

:-0 What?


I have never heard of that before. Maybe it crawled in during manufacture. Strange!

Yeah, I guess it would have to go back, since they will have to open the monitor up.

  David-235429 20:44 15 Mar 2004

Dont know where Phllips LCD monitors are made but if they are made overseas you may be able to prove that the bug got in during the manufacturing process if you can identify the bug as not being indigenous to the UK ! A magnifying glass and a copy of a David Bellamy guide to grubs and bugs may help! :))

  billy 21:09 15 Mar 2004

It doesn't help but a friend of mine has a projection telly and there is a great big dead fly almost dead centre. I found this hillarious - all this fantastic technology to enable pin sharp picures was beaten by a fly

  Gaz 25 21:36 15 Mar 2004

LOL, who said you cannnot get bugs in your monitor... I think we have found one!

Bugs = Computer viruses. LOL

  deadneat 21:40 15 Mar 2004

Maybe someone planted it. I have heard of bugs being planted lots recently.

  Djohn 01:56 16 Mar 2004

Maybe the night-shift can help with this one. ;o)

  QUADDRA 20:53 21 Mar 2004

Thanks for all the comments.

Looks like I will need to call Dabs or Philips.
Hopefully all will be fixed as I have On-site warranty. We will see, and I will let you no.


  Paranoid Android 21:47 21 Mar 2004

Have you tried using a spider ??

Marvin ;]

  K.H 21:59 21 Mar 2004

Just for reference, i have a Philips 170C4 LCD aswell, and i know that they are manufactured in Holland. If you look in the Manual, at the front there should be a list of numbers, look for the UK number and dial it, if the problem will qualify for warranty, then they will send a replacement within 2 working days.



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