Buggy computer....literally!!

  Fateful Shadow 13:19 09 Jul 2006

You know those tiny annoying black flies that appear in the summer and seem to have a magnetic attraction to any item of white clothing? I sometimes get them appearing on my TFT monitor but it's just a simple case of flicking them off.

I came back from holiday today to find that two of these bugs are actually inside the monitor itself. You can't flick it off because it's under the top layer and you can't squash it either... I even tried poking it wit the cursor to no avail :P

I assume that they'll eventually die due to lack of food so it's not a huge problem. Anyone else had a similar experience?

  wolfie3000 13:44 09 Jul 2006

poking them with the cursor.

HUH! how would that work?

  Fateful Shadow 13:48 09 Jul 2006

......It was a joke Wolfie3000...

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:48 09 Jul 2006

probably by attracting their attention, then getting them to follow the cursor off the screen!


  wolfie3000 13:50 09 Jul 2006

guess im over tired iv been playing halo for 8 hours straight so im a little fuzzy at the moment.

As for the wee beasties iv never heard of them clibing into monitors before.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:51 09 Jul 2006

Perhaps changing the cursor to a flower shape might help!

  wolfie3000 13:52 09 Jul 2006

or a bigger beastie :)

  Fateful Shadow 13:55 09 Jul 2006

Arthur, I prefer the white cursor, after all they are attracted to white things :)

Wolfie, perhaps, but it'll probably end up with a horse or something like that, I forget the song...

  SG Atlantis® 14:27 09 Jul 2006

I practically fell of my chair laughing, nice one!

Well done Wolfie and Fateful Shadow!

  ade.h 15:26 09 Jul 2006

The old woman who swallowed a fly?

By the way, Wolfie; 8 hours straight? You'll get square eyes, mate!

Anyway, there was another post about this same problem - can't find it now - and someone said that the same problem has been coming up in Google searches lately, but there's no easy fix.

Were you using your monitor in a dimly lit room? The flies must have been attracted by the light from the monitor.

  Starfox 15:30 09 Jul 2006

That Halo is going to bring you to a sticky end if you aren't carefull Woolfie.:0)

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