Buffalo Airstation?

  maverick1 00:28 14 Feb 2004

Just installed one of these for a friend, they pick up the signal from a router to allow a sort of networking but only for the internet (broadband) connection.

All works fine very fast download time nut then seems to lose the signal and files stop downloading and web is unavailable.

The only thing that will reset it is to reboot when it finds the station again. Its obviously set up OK as it workd for about five minutes perfectly then gives up completely, I've changed the ip adress and thats about the only fine tuning I can find.

Any Ideas anyone before I buy 15 metres of patch cable and do things the easy way?

  Forum Editor 09:12 14 Feb 2004

used to be that they came without an external aerial in the pack. I'm nbot sure if that's still the case, but it might be the cause of the problem.

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