Budget Self-Build

  interzone55 20:26 13 Mar 2003

My father-in-law wants a PC. His current machine is a Mac Classic from about 1988, but he's just done a PC beginners course and want's a new computer.
He can't afford a new iMac, or even a decent PC so I offered to build him one, and rather rashly quoted £250.
He wants it for general word processing, scanning photo's and printing greetings cards & calenders etc. Definately no games or heavy graphics work.
My spec would be Duron 1200, Mobo with onboard graphics, 256Mb RAM. I don't need to purchase the most expensive component, Windows, as I have an unused copy of 98se.
Any recommended specs?

  kennyambler 20:46 13 Mar 2003

try novatech.com this site might have a pre built system , if not it will have well priced components.

  clayton 21:21 13 Mar 2003

pc chips M810DLMU Motherboard with onboard video,sound,modem, Panasonic DVD drive & Floppy , Tsunami virgo pc case, 256mb PC 2100 DDR memory ( Crucial ), Maxtor Diamondmax plus 8 40GB Hard Drive (oem), CTX VL700 Monitor 3 year warranty, Duron 1.2ghz & coolmaster DP5-6I11A cpu fan

TOTAL £310

You might save a little buy getting 128mb of memory & a cd-rom to replace the dvd drive but not much.

  Legolas 21:25 13 Mar 2003

I recommmend ebuyer click here for your components cheap and low delivery charges plus prompt delivery or you could go to a local computer shop not the biggies like PC World they charge to much.

  Legolas 21:28 13 Mar 2003

This site gives a list of online suppliers worth a look click here

  interzone55 21:29 13 Mar 2003

I was looking at 256MB ram too help the processor along a bit when scanning, the rest of that spec looks cool though. Thanks

Anyone use a VIA C3 CPU?
I was looking at these a) because they're dirt cheap (£25 for a 1Ghz) and b) because they're low power so don't need a fan. As John is a Mac user, the old ones were almost silent, no fans and a small HDD(40Mb, yes the HDD holds less data than my graphics card!!)that ran very slow & quiet.


  pj123 22:17 13 Mar 2003

Try this site and click on bundles click here

  bfoc 07:54 14 Mar 2003

Might be to check the various auction sites (I've used click here and click here ) you could well find suitable base units for less than what you would pay for parts!

Obviously less fun than building your own, but just another option.

  interzone55 20:45 15 Mar 2003

Thanks for the help folks, I'll see if he want's a home-build, a second-hand PC or one of the cheap bundles.


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