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  gingepaul 18:34 28 Feb 2003

hi there, my mates after upgrading his pc, but hes on a tight budget, but wants as much ability to upgrade in the future, he currently has a cyrix 266 chip housed on a mobo that looks older than the donosours.
i was thinking maybee a nforce 2, but do all these come with gf4 mx on board as standard, or are they more expensive, and if so are the nforce chipsets anygood?
he wants ddr ram, preferably 2700, but since hes only running 98 he can get away with 256 [maybee even 128] for now cant he?
basically it needs decent onboard sound and graphics, but abillity to upgrade and a certain ammount of future proofing.
i've got an old athlon 1ghz processor that i'm giving him so all he needs is case, psu, mobo, and ram.
were going to the comp fair in the morning so i just need a few facts about the nforce 1 and 2, and any other boards with decent onboard sound and graphics, cheers.

  gingepaul 18:39 28 Feb 2003

oh i forgot, his budget is £150, and i can get a case for £40 with psu.

  duplo 18:41 28 Feb 2003

The nForce 1 is a good mobo, some have Geforce 2 Graphics onboard, some have no graphics. I run without a graphics card and it seems to perfrom well. I am running it with PC2700 DDR Ram, although this is under the "overclock" section of my Bios... runs just fine though!

I dont know if nForce 2 can be had without graphics, but I think if it has a Graphics chip onboard is a GF4 MX 440 (I think 440). I decent chip, expecially since your putting a 1Ghz CPU in it.

The on board sound is pretty good on both, although you will have to rely on a software decoder for 5.1 surround sound in DVD's (on an nForce 1, not sure about the nForce 2).

Both are good MOBO's, fast and so far as I can tell, stable.

  duplo 18:47 28 Feb 2003

Oh... £110 for a MObo and ram...

MOBO: MSI K7N2-lan SKT A NForce 2 8x AGP 6Ch-Sound (click here)

Graphics: Gainward Geforce4 Powerpack! Pro/600 Tv /AGP 64MB DDR Mx-440 Chipset With Tv-out

Ram:Samsung PC2700 DDR 256mb Original PC333
click here

Total- £118

  duplo 18:48 28 Feb 2003


Graphics card link

click here

£8 over budget I'm afraid, if its tight get 128 Ram, or slower PC2100...

  gingepaul 18:54 28 Feb 2003

thanks for the help, but i'm going to a comp fair in the morning so instead of knowing certain mobo's to buy, i just need a little info, like do all nforce 2 boards come with on board graphics [gf4 mx] and are they all the same, i know they all have 6 channel sound and usb 2, and support ddr 400, but what about nforce 1, do they all come with on board grapics? sound? what do they have, i know i can ask them tomorrow but it will help knowing a little first.

  clayton 19:11 28 Feb 2003

you can get a case with psu for £30 @ a computer fair, i doubt you will find memory cheap @ the fair best to get it from Crucial click here As to your motherboard there is a version of the nforce 2 thats does have onboard graphics. click here
click here

  Rayuk 19:11 28 Feb 2003

nforce2 boards with onboard graphics are only just appearing
Have a look over click here

  Kyomii 19:25 28 Feb 2003

You can get the nforce1 without graphics, but there is very little difference in price, and I always think that its better to have onboard even if you are using a dedicated graphics card because you then have a back up incase anything goes wrong with your card.

The nforce2 has recently been launched although I am not sure if this can be purchased without graphics onboard.

Ebuyer do the Asus nforce 1 mobo for £42 + vat - and it is a perfectly capable board that can take Athlon XP 2000 + processors.

  gingepaul 23:52 28 Feb 2003


  goonerbill 00:27 01 Mar 2003

case click here

memory pc2700 333mhz 512mb click here

motherboard msi K7N2L as suggested by duplo click here

total £148 + p&p

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