"budget" gaming pc specs

  Camille 10:34 29 Dec 2006

we bought what we thought was a decent pc for our son but as it has integrated graphics he can't play any of his newer games on it and it isn't upgradeable! Apart from that, the system is great - so super early pressie for me!

However, this means that he's left without a pc. I want to get him a replacement, but obviously my budget is ridiculously stretched. Is it possible to find a machine that can play current games and cost £600 or less?

PLEASE say it's possible..... any suggestions at all?

  splatter 10:40 29 Dec 2006

What do you mean by "it isn't upgradeable"?

If it is a new machine I find it hard to believe that it doesn't have and AGP or PCI-E expansion slot for dedicated graphics! What manufacture/model is it?

  SLAYER 10:43 29 Dec 2006


  clayton 10:45 29 Dec 2006

How about this Dell E520 (D01E03),256MB nVidia® GeForce® 7300 Graphics card, 2048MB memory, 19" Monitor, Intel® Core® 2 Duo® E6300 1.86GHz processor, 320GB harddrive all for £586

click here

  hzhzhzhz 10:59 29 Dec 2006

"we bought what we thought was a decent pc"

What is it?.

  Camille 11:46 29 Dec 2006

It's a Dell Dimenion 3100 - spec:
Intel Celeron 3.06 Ghz
1024 MB Dual Channel (DDR2 533 MHz)
160gb SATA Hard Drive (7200rpm) Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900

it doesn't have any pci-e slots, only pci which, I now find, severely limits the choice of graphics card.

when I say 'decent' - I mean decent for the budget which we had... we hadn't intended to spend a lot of cash and if we'd realised how expensive 'gamer' pcs were, we'd have tried to persuade our son to think of another xmas present!

  Camille 12:00 29 Dec 2006

Can anyone say whether the following spec is any good, or do I need to upgrade any of the components?

AMD ATHLON™ 64 X2 3800+ (2.0GHz) 2 x 512K L2 Cache (Socket AM2)
1024 MB CORSAIR DDR2 667MHz - (2x512MB)
512MB GEFORCE 7900GS PCI Express + DVI

  Kate B 12:06 29 Dec 2006

Is it worth going back to Dell and explaining what's happened and seeing if you can swop the PC you bought for a better-specced one that you put the additional cash into? It strikes me as profoundly wasteful to have two average PCs when you could have what you wanted: one pretty decent machine capable of playing games.

  Camille 12:20 29 Dec 2006

the dell machine has already got a good home to go to so no waste involved... the issue now is that i need a gamer spec machine that is still within my relatively limited budget - which is the reason we chose the dell in the first place

  mike1967 12:28 29 Dec 2006

New one looks good how much is that one costing, cause could probably do with an upgrade on the HD. 80GB not that big these days you know, some games are around 3 to 4 GB each

  Totally-braindead 12:40 29 Dec 2006

What I would look for is this.
Processor minimum AMD 3500+ better still a dual core Intel as they can be cheaper, hence better value.
Memory minimum 1 gig but can take more, this is determined by the motherboard.
Power supply a minimum 450 watt one preferably branded.
Any optical drives you wish but a minimum 160 gig hard drive and SATA is better.
Graphics card minimum GeForce 7600GT or ATI equivalent and it should be PCI Express not AGP as the PCIE cards tend to be cheaper and theres more choice.

The system you've listed looks very good, I have to agree with the others about the hard drive. Its very small, the difference in price between an 80 and a 160 or even a 200 gig is not that much. If it is for gaming then the 1 gig is ok for now but you would be better off with 2 gig. And theres no mention of price and manufacturer. I personally would want a branded power supply of 500 or 550 watts.

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