Bubble Dock pop ups

  andy63walsh 09:29 23 Jan 2014

Now my son's new laptop has pop ups, the avast free one didn't stop it or remove it, I'm sure one is called bubble dock?

  rdave13 09:39 23 Jan 2014

Check programs and features if it is listed there and uninstall. Run junkware-removal tool then run Malwarebytes antimalware full scan.

  spuds 09:48 23 Jan 2014

Perhaps Google is your friend. If you put 'bubble dock' into a Google search box, you will find a number of solutions for removal or downloading. Far to many for me to list, but give this a look, as it covers the browser you may have?. click here

  spuds 09:52 23 Jan 2014

Whoops 'r' missing from browser, try click here

  Newuser4165 10:16 23 Jan 2014

Do they show up in Add/Remove programs? If yes then boot into safe mode then uninstall them.

  andy63walsh 10:39 23 Jan 2014

I deleted it from add/remove programs in normal mode yesterday, just started it in safe mode and it is not in the list.

  spuds 10:52 23 Jan 2014

If you mean that the 'pop-up' is still there after you removed the title from add/remove, then you might find that you have added problems for yourself?.

I have a similar issue with a program called 'MySearchDial'. After removing that title via add/remove at the first stage (thinking this was the quickest option), its caused a number of other problems which are not going away. I have installed a number of removal programs (Adwcleaner etc)for 'MySearchDial', and while they find the problem, they do not seem to be able to completely remove, to the point that I have considered a reformat on the machine.

Its got to the stage, were I now wished I had tried other options, before using Add/Remove!.

  spuds 11:03 23 Jan 2014

Another suggestion, if the pop-up is still appearing. If you have CCleaner, Revo or something similar, check to see if Bubble Dock is still listed there. Either in start-up or general program listings?.

  spuds 11:36 23 Jan 2014


The site seems to offer similar solutions that I found elsewhere, but not so comprehensive elsewhere in some cases!.

I found the website this morning from a Google search, and did a quick check, one of which click here

  rdave13 12:02 23 Jan 2014

Spuds, have a look here, it shows what files to remove in programs and also what registry keys to remove. Worth trying if you are considering a format and new install.

  andy63walsh 12:06 23 Jan 2014

just trying the free malware bytes thing now.

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