BTYahoo spam filters changed; beware!!

  p;3 17:15 06 Aug 2006

I have found that BTYahoo seem to have changed their spam filter options as a lot of my e mail notification mail have been sent to my bulk spam box on server and not the inbox; I thought things were rather quiet and checked the server to find that a lot had been put in the spam box;

I have previously had no problems with mails into the in box;

so those ON bt yahoo may wish to check their servers!!(frequently!!)


  dewskit 17:59 06 Aug 2006

Something similar happened to me a few weeks ago, friends were sending emails which were not arriving.
I contacted BT Yahoo online help and received the following advice which has worked perfectly. Just why my friends had been changed to blocked I still do not know!

Please login to your e-mail account and set the “Spam Guard” is “ON”
from the Bulk folder. I request you to follow the steps given below to
check whether any e-mail address is blocked from your end:

1. Login to your Account using BT Yahoo! e-mail address.
2. Click on ‘Options’(right top corner).
3. Click on ‘Filters’.
4. Click on ‘Add’ button.
5. Select ‘does not contain’ from the ‘To/Cc header’ dropdown menu
6. Type your BT E-mail Address in the ‘To/Cc field’ .
7. From the ‘Move the message to:’ dropdown menu select ‘Trash’ folder.
8. Click on ‘Add Filter’.

If you are not getting the e-mail messages from particular e-mail
address, I request you to check whether the e-mail address has been blocked
by the steps given below:

1. Login to your account using the BT Yahoo! e-mail address.
2. Click on ‘Options’.
3. Click on ‘Block Addresses’
4. Check whether the e-mail address is available from which you are not
getting e-mail.
5. If so, select the e-mail address and click on ‘Remove Block’.

  p;3 21:17 06 Aug 2006

I am having to physically check into server and switch stuff over from bulk to inbox; most annoying; the mails are getting to the server but into the bulk bit; this has only started in the past day or so and is most annoying

  Main Access 22:58 06 Aug 2006

Thank god i told my laeyer to send all emaild to two addresses
BT decided that the address from was bulk mail so the BT one never reached me.

I am now downloading a;; mail including dpa,, just so i can det the lawyers stuff

  p;3 20:13 07 Aug 2006

I am still having to check the BT server as normal mails are being directed to the spam box instead of the in box

and dewskit ; are your thoughts for the OE setup or for the server?

  watchful 20:40 07 Aug 2006

Looks to me like it's the server BT Yahoo where dewskit got the advice from although there are similar options in Outlook Express.

  p;3 21:09 07 Aug 2006

having had my pc frozen by the server trying to find a way to give them feedback; anyone got an idea of whom to email to ask about this? I am resorting to opening my server frequently to check the spam box; most annoying

  dewskit 22:29 07 Aug 2006


I followed the instructions as set out in my message above.

I presume this is in fact acting upon the the BT Yahoo server, as it was necessary to log into my Account first.

Why not give it a try? It certainly did the trick for me!

  Sparkly 07:48 08 Aug 2006

Hi been having the same problem waiting to recieve wedding photos,Thanks dewskit took your tip above and sure enough the senders name was blocked thanks to your advice i can now recieve the photos, it would be nice if bt were to let customers know of changes like that??? Via the website or an email.
Nice 1 dude.

  p;3 08:02 08 Aug 2006

I have checked my server and no blocks are in place; the problem is that for some reason mail notifications are being treated as spam which are not; the mails from THIS forum ARE being accepted as normal, but other forums are not faring so well; and this has only recently started so their spam options must have changed

  p;3 20:12 08 Aug 2006

if anyone else is having problems with their bt server, it is driving me to distraction having to open the servcer and educate it on what IS and what is NOT spam; ALL of my mails so far have been legit; but NOT according to the server; so, be aware of changed filters

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