BTYAHOO MAIL wont answer phone to reset my pasword

  SANAP 20:10 06 Dec 2007

I am trying to get in touch with BTYAHOO EMAIL helpdesk but have been left ahnging on now on the phone for ages and its a premium line from ireland. They have suspended my account even though their last email said I had until january 2008 to opt out or sign up for a premium service. I have PW'S on that account that I need.

Are they really this bad?

any alternative number?/

help desperate


  SANAP 20:19 06 Dec 2007

I am still hanging on???


  p;3 20:32 06 Dec 2007


0800 800 060 ?

  SANAP 20:45 06 Dec 2007

thanks for reply but I am in ireland(southern) working away from uk so no uk number. I used bt email for uk purposes.

I ahd to give up as no one would answer, supposed to be open from 8pm to midnight!! and i have to go for an op on my eye in the morning.

i'll try a bit later but i think when oneselcets reset PW you are put into limmbo, call has probably cost me the cost of 1 years sub to premium mail.

Methinks I'll be leaving BT with a bad taste/


  Trippy 23:10 06 Dec 2007

I am in the same situation, I think they must be purgeing PAYG accounts. Having just held on the phone for 89 mins before the line went dead I am sick of listening to "your call is important to us ...." and over £4 out of pocket without the problem being resolved.
There is obviously a high number of people in the same situation. I have raised the issue via the web interface and have been promised a reply in 24 hours. I will keep you posted! Good old BT why did they shoot Busby!

  dan111 23:39 06 Dec 2007

if you want sales:-(

A friend moved into the area and wanted to enable the phone socket in the house. His previous house had no phone line. I said I would ring up and inquire on the cost of activating the line and get things going, so he could have broadband.

You have guessed it, over a hour and a half on
"your call is important to us ...."
then the phone goes dead.

What a way to run a company. No matter what phone number you ring, you just can't get through.:(

  SarahPussycat 03:06 07 Dec 2007

I'm having exactly the same problem at the moment. It's worrying me as I recently made a couple of rather expensive transactions that I can only access the details through my email!
I recently changed ISP, and received an email that I need to upgrade to premium mail before January 2008. As it's only December, I'm a bit confused!
I just spent £6 trying to get through on the helpline - listening to "your call is important to us and is moving up the queue" .

I have contacted Yahoo via an old account, and am still awaiting response. I'll keep checking in here too in case anyone's heard anything!

  SANAP 12:58 07 Dec 2007

I used BT as I thought it would be a bit more secure!! I am still waiting for a reply. I am in deep trouble as I used that email for lots of things.

Its a relief in some way to know I am not the only one but no consolation for others. I am going to have a big re-think on what email I use from here on in.

Very disappointed with BT as it shows a total diSregard for the customers and then you read all the things they are putting place to improve cs. Its the pure helpnessess I feel that really grates. Only one phone number and no one answering.

I wish PC ADVISOR would take up the cudgels. All I want is a PW reset and it is now approaching 2 days since the email account was suspended and no contact with a person in BT.

Thanks for replies.


  p;3 14:48 07 Dec 2007

can you clarify a bit?
are you on dial up or broadband;
do you the web page to send your emails or Outlook express?
what type of account WITH BT?

  johnnyrocker 14:50 07 Dec 2007

this thread should be closed to avoid confusion.


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