BTyahoo mail still off line?

  p;3 21:00 23 Jul 2006

having seen this other thread which is now apparently resolved

click here; I for one still cannot access the site nor my mails; I presume I am not alone ? I can open the sign in page but that is as far as I get

  Bagsey 21:06 23 Jul 2006

I cant get in either but can on Outlook Express ???
Since going to this upto 8meg BB it has been nothing but trouble. I wish that I could go back to my 2 meg BB that I had before upgrading

  mammak 21:06 23 Jul 2006

Nope your not alone I for one have not been able to access Yahoo browser or mail for most of the day.

  €dstowe 21:10 23 Jul 2006

See other thread for BT phone no.

  p;3 21:19 23 Jul 2006

thanks for that;

I"ve tried accessing the mail via my OE too but even it is playing up as is my mailwasher; there seem to be megga problems with the site; I"ll leave this as still running for anyone else who is in trouble so they know they too are not alone

  mammak 21:20 23 Jul 2006

if you are meaning BT Yahoo Broadband then yes I partly aree with you since upgrading to 6.5mb in my aera it has not always been problematic but the last few weeks have been awful
me thinks that BT that was always an excellant service should have never taken on with Yahoo that of course is my opinion.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:31 23 Jul 2006

It's back on now.

  p;3 21:37 23 Jul 2006

I"ve grabbed my mails while the going is good but the web page wont open; mailwasher signed in and I"ve sent and got a test mail; anyone else got probelsm?

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:44 23 Jul 2006

I too was able to get my email, via Outlook Express, and cannot now access the web page.

  p;3 21:50 23 Jul 2006

got this when trying to access the web mail page itself

and a test mail I have just sent has not arrived

"Sorry, Unable to process request at this time -- error 999.
Unfortunately we are unable to process your request at this time. This error is usually temporary. Please try again later.

If you continue to experience this error, it may be caused by one of the following:

You may want to scan your system for spyware and viruses, as they may interfere with your ability to connect to Yahoo!. For detailed information on spyware and virus protection, please visit the Yahoo! Security Center.
This problem may be due to unusual network activity coming from your Internet Service Provider. We recommend that you report this problem to them.
While this error is usually temporary, if it continues and the above solutions don't resolve your problem, please let us know.

Return to Yahoo!

Please check the URL for proper spelling and capitalization. If you're having trouble locating a destination on Yahoo!, try visiting the Yahoo! home page or look through a list of Yahoo!'s online services. Also, you may find what you're looking for if you try searching below.

Search the Web advanced search
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Please try Yahoo! Help Central if you need more assistance."

  14all 22:09 23 Jul 2006

Yahoo it's self is now dead as a doe doe

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