Ikelos 15:46 08 Feb 2012

hi all, I have just set up a new email account with BT, all works ok, but, in front of the address, for example.

we have joe bloggs.. [email protected] bt............

how can i get rid of the joe bloggs bit, so it just leaves the email address.


  northumbria61 16:23 08 Feb 2012

You can create an extra four or ten sub-accounts depending on which BT Total Broadband Option you have. This means that as well as creating a sub-account for other people at home, you can create new sub-accounts for yourself.

enter link description here

  Ikelos 17:17 08 Feb 2012


it is a sub account I am having trouble with, it has my name before the address, so when I send it, it come up as joe bloggs before the address.

i want to get rid of the name in front of the address,

so it just reads *

  northumbria61 18:43 08 Feb 2012

Can you not just delete the sub account? enter link description here

  northumbria61 18:47 08 Feb 2012

More here enter link description here Note: You won't delete your MAIN account by doing this.

  Ikelos 18:47 08 Feb 2012

hi. i want to keep the sub account, it has my name on it before the email address, I want to get rid of my name. thanks all

  northumbria61 18:53 08 Feb 2012

Try this - 1. Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Yahoo! Mail page. 2. Under “Management”, click General Preferences. 3. Right at the top, in the “From name:” type in the name you want to show. 4. Click Save to put your new settings into effect.

NOTE: for 3 OMIT your name before the @

  Ikelos 19:05 08 Feb 2012

hi again....right i will reword it, I want to change the

"sending name"


  northumbria61 19:10 08 Feb 2012

Hope this helps (changing the sender's name) enter link description here

  Ikelos 19:24 08 Feb 2012

hi.. good grief, you have got it, nice one....all sorted.


  northumbria61 19:28 08 Feb 2012

Yes, we got there in the end - nothing like persevering! I did think that just omitting your name before the @ would have sorted it but obviously not. Great news.

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