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  twicklad 12:53 27 Oct 2012

My btyahoo homepage has stretched far to the right,the RH side is now off the screen To access the right hand features - mail etc - I have to scroll a long way right. Web pages and emails are are displayed normally. This occurs on both of my computers so is not is not a fault specific to one machine. How can I restore the home page to fit the screen?

  northumbria61 15:50 27 Oct 2012

Chances are you inadvertently used the zoom feature of your web browser and your screen is zoomed in so you are now seeing everything larger as a result.


To zoom out, hold down the ctrl key and while holding it in, press the minus key (note that on laptop keyboards you may need to do ctrl/shift/- if there’s no numeric keypad).

  northumbria61 15:51 27 Oct 2012

Should have added -

RESET TO NORMAL VIEW: CTRL 0 (that’s a zero, not the letter o)

To reset your view to normal (100%), hold down the ctrl key and while holding it in, press the zero key.

  twicklad 17:11 27 Oct 2012

Thanks Northubria61 but I had tried that. Have solved the problem. Two of the sites on the homepage - "News videos etc" and "Comics" had changed to single line text instead of multi lines thus pushing the column width to extreme size. Disabling them cured it. But why did this happen in the first place. Is there a way of ensuring these sites do not keep to single line?

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