BTYahoo! e mailing problem...

  end 14:24 09 May 2004

not exactly a PC problem as such, but maybe soemone out there has the answer for me; you may know that BT has now sent us e mail users off to the BTYahoo thing. I have received mail on that address that I want to "forward" to another address so that I can "handle" it better. The Bt address is " used" when I use my "internal" outlook express on my home computer to send e mails out from my system; it is not my "primary" e mail account. Even when I try and "reply" to the e mails I am having probelms with the original messag not displayed, and have even had a message tellign me i am sending a blank message...
so; how do I reply to a message whilst retaining the original message, and how do I forward the message???I have already "lost" several messages whilst trying to do this seemingly impossible task; there must be an answer TO it but ???what???...I spent several hours yesterday getting very angry with it......

  yaesu 20:14 09 May 2004

Hi, I switched to btyahoo recently, Before they forced it on us. Had loads of problems with yahoo mail so switched back to outlook express. Also had to remove and reinstall Zone alarm as it caused an error message when connecting to mail account. Norton also seems to dislike the latest MS update for oe6. Nothing's ever easy is it?!

  VoG II 20:19 09 May 2004

If I understand the question correctly, in Outlook Express, Tools/Options, Send tab, tick "Include message in reply".

I've abandoned Outlook, etc, and am now only using BTYahoo, with BT broadband, and I can open and send emails, files and folders from my home computer and work on them on my office computer, and visa versa, with no problems. I also use Zonelabs firewall Pro version. It could be that giving into the "Dark side" of Yahoo will prove a wise move after all!

  end 09:22 10 May 2004

to "clarify" a bit; one of my e mail accounts was/is with bt broadband which is /was BT. IT has now become BTYahoo! (?got that so far?). right.when a page opens on IE and has an e mail thingi to "contact" someone, my Outlook Express opens, and uses my BTopenworld address to send the e mail; THAT is not the problem.(it WAS awhile ago when I went balistic trying to send stuff that jsut refused to leave my computer ; we have sussed that one out. )

the PROBLEM lies with my BTYahoo thingi;(and my brain...); i receive a message into the account; BUT, if I want to reply to it, when I press the "reply" tab, the message I am replying TO does not come up on the screan ; same with the "forward" option. the message does not come up on the screan, and the computer warns me that i am about to send a blank message. i AM baffled and I admit other address wth talkgas is , to pardon the phrase " so dammed easy" compared with THIS, that it is driving me so angry.I have lost several messages and vital contacts becasue OF this. am wondering if the thing needs a "tweek" somewhere.... what "obvious" thing am I just "not seeing"....HOW do I TELL the thing to include the original e mail IN the reply , or the forwarding????an assist before I go any more nuttier with this than I already AM would be GREATLY appreciated; I did not ask FOR BTYahoo thingi but am stuck WITH it...HATE HATE.....HELP HELP......

  end 16:29 10 May 2004

can anyone on BTYahoo help with this one..????

  end 19:19 10 May 2004

have now sent an e mail to BT to see what THEY can "suggest", but,???anyone here any ideas; it is so frustrating and there MUST BE a solution to this, at least i presume there is.....(have tried to reply to another one again, and got the same "no-where".....); and, as far as I am aware, it should not hav any relationship to the Outlook express settings, as IT is only the "vehicle" for my internal e mail thingi on here....(hope thats clear....???)..

  VoG II 19:21 10 May 2004

Is this a web-based e-mail system? Is it not possible to set up Outlook Express to read mail on this account, like you can with Hotmail?

  end 19:45 10 May 2004

I really shoud not have to go through all that rigmarole TO DO what I want to do with the messages....I have no problems at all with my address.but, what does on mean BY a "web-based" e mail address?? OR, is the only way i CAN get it TO work iS to channel it through Outlook express, as that is stupid; BT recently pushed us all over to the Yahoo thingi; if memory serves, the original thingi "worked" ( cannot use it now as IT has been "frozen" by BT..). Am I explaining the problems "well- enough" or....I dont know how Hotmail works so cannot comment ON that. what i WANT is to display the message, read it, then press the reply tab, see my oriinal message, and psot a reply on the top; OR, open the message, press the forward tab, and see the original mesage and post a forwardign address on the message, with a fowarding remark, and send it.
I wonder if Cycling- Rod, who has posted to this thread, can shed any light on this?? and I am on broadband....
any idea vog or cycling-rod. or anyone...its driving me nuts.......and I am sure it should NOT be this difficult or complicated.......

  VoG II 19:48 10 May 2004

web-based - means you read mail using Internet Explorer. Is that how it works?

  end 19:54 10 May 2004

if this "works"click here. from there I go to the e mail bit which will send me to the BTYahoo page where i can finally "log in", and the troubles begin...does that "help"???

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