swapper 21:33 31 Jan 2004

my friend has just gone on line and is using BTYahoo.
When I get a mail from him, I see it is from
"[email protected]"

My address is "[email protected]"

If I reply to him using the "reply" box, the message is returned by Deamon as undelivered.
If I alter his address to "[email protected]" it is delivered, why am I receiving his address incorrectly, is it me or him?

  gold 47 22:05 31 Jan 2004

Looks like he hasn't put his usser name in.
the name is just showing as i said your usser name should be.

  JAN-BOY 00:14 01 Feb 2004

Hi Swapper
It seems that BT is very confusing at present, there are so many variations of addressess.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]???

When I changed from dial-up to broadband and BT then introduced yahhoo, I still kept my old e-mail address of btinternet.

Hope this helps your ?

  swapper 08:33 01 Feb 2004

What must he do to ensure that his correct address i.e "[email protected]" (with the "bt" inserted) is sent with his mail?

  gold 47 14:41 01 Feb 2004

He must have been given a usser name as no ISP would except name for a usser,it could read IE
[email protected] or what ever he wanted tobe called when he registered.

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