BTX Upgrade

  CortezTheKiller 09:23 21 Jan 2007


I have a Dell Optiplex GX520 (i know!!!)

I was pretty much duped into buying it. I asked if it had a PCI-Express slot, i was told yes - and it does. only its a pci-e x1 and therefore can't be used for graphics. nor does it have an agp slot. The PSU is also kinda weak at 230w. After doing a little research i found that this pc uses the now almost obselete BTX motherboard.

Can i upgrade the PSU and Mobo in this case?

I had heard that dell uses different wiring than everyone else so makes upgrading difficult if not impossible without going through them.

It has a pentium d processor.

Any ideas what would be a decent mobo to get without breaking the bank?



  howard64 09:57 21 Jan 2007

be very careful and check as Dell have been known to fit a non standard power supply giving different voltages and therefore would blow a non dell motherboard. If everything else is ok why not try and get a pci video card?

  howard64 09:58 21 Jan 2007

a further thought if you buy a new standard power supply and new standard mobo then your dell box is just that a box.

  ed-0 10:04 21 Jan 2007

You would be better off getting a new motherboard, psu and case.

Socket 478 with a 8X AGP £30 click here plus a £20 case with a generic 400W psu for £20

total £50

socket 775 with both a 8X AGP and 16X PCI-e click here for £35. Plus a £20 case and psu

total £55

  ed-0 10:06 21 Jan 2007

" plus a £20 case with a generic 400W psu for £20"

plus a case with a generic 400W psu for £20.

  Stuartli 11:23 21 Jan 2007

>>ound that this pc uses the now almost obselete BTX motherboard.>>

That's a strange opinion. The BTX form factor is the next advancement in motherboards. See, for instance:

click here

  ed-0 11:40 21 Jan 2007

You are right, it was supposed to be the successor to ATX but unfortunately though intel announced this nearly 3 years ago they are precious little BTX boards to be found.:-(

  CortezTheKiller 13:00 21 Jan 2007

I think that maybe getting a new mobo and psu for my current case will be the best idea.

I did see on ebay someone selling gx620 cases with mobo's (which has a pci-e slot) but they are returns and untested but only £15 at the moment.

have looked at the pci cards currenly available and even they need at least 250w psu, currently only have 230w.

I think its just a badly built pc. fair enough its a buisiness computer and therefore doesn't really need the bells and whistle. should have done a bit more research before buying it.


  CortezTheKiller 20:45 21 Jan 2007

I think i just changed my mind. Maybe a new ATX case etc would be best based on this article.

click here

Seems BTX is down the gurgler after all.


  ed-0 20:58 21 Jan 2007

Thats why I mentioned case > psu > and mobo @ 10.04. The atx mobo probably won't fit into a btx case.

case and 350w click here

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