BTs "Winter Warmer Deal"

  bumpkin 18:23 03 Feb 2011

Hello everyone, I am currently using TalkTalk as my internet and phone provider, my contract ends at the end of this month. They have been calling me offering 50% off for two months if I take out another 24 Month contract.I won`t be bullied by telesales.
The BT deal sounds good also.
Does anyone have any comments on this please or any other advice. I want the best service really as the
difference in cost is marginal


  lotvic 19:40 03 Feb 2011

check on SamKnows click here to see what choices you have for your exchange

  bumpkin 21:10 03 Feb 2011

Thanks Lotvic. that is pretty comprehensive I will look through it all.


  lotvic 21:54 03 Feb 2011

By the way Talktalk doesn't have to be 24 month contract, you can have a 12 months - just be firm with the sales people - they try to push the 24m one. Threaten to leave, that usually gets you a good deal :)

  woodchip 22:07 03 Feb 2011

You can opt out of telesales. with talktalk I have just done it. If you want a way to do it let me know

  Siberian Winter 22:08 03 Feb 2011

There's a monthly D/L limit of 10GB, but this can be upgraded at no extra cost (according to saleswoman). I got sick of TalkTalk not fixing a problem with my phone service (even telling me at one point that I wasn't a customer of theirs) and having to explain the problem on many occasions to people who could barely speak English. I'll take my chances with the 10GB.

  sharpamat 15:59 04 Feb 2011

When I had this happen with my BT service which I was already unhappy with I would not sign a new contrat but did offer to pay monthley in advance
which I did untill I left and went to Virgin.

Even paying for their unlimited service I found they reduced my speed under their Fair Use Clause

click here

  bumpkin 19:48 04 Feb 2011

Hi, thanks for your replies, I need to consider all options. I hate telesales people, there is always the special deal just for me, bullshit!
Woodchip if you can tell me how to opt out great.
It is even worse when you can barely understand them
and I am not racist but would you phone a Frenchman
and speak Chinese.


  woodchip 20:29 04 Feb 2011

Ring this number and ask them to take you off telesales 0870 444 1820

  woodchip 20:30 04 Feb 2011

You need your account number to hand

  bumpkin 23:34 04 Feb 2011

Thanks Woodchip I will do that

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