eccomputers 14:52 10 Mar 2003

Is anyone else with btanytime having problems at the moment?
Outlook express times out and I cant access email through the btopenworld web site either.
I think their mail servers are down but the status on the web site says there are no problems.

The ridiculous thing is, you ring technical support and after about 15 rings it changes to an engaged tone.

Surely we should expect more from this company.

  Kudu 14:59 10 Mar 2003

Having same problem.Not connecting so no e-mail.

  hoverman 15:01 10 Mar 2003

I am with BT Broadband and cannot connect to my BTinternet mail account at present. They obviously have problems. BT's Talk21 is OK though. I find it a waste of time ringing BT's Status update number - they are more often than not late in reporting problems.

  eccomputers 15:08 10 Mar 2003


I have just signed up for a pay as you go virgin account to test emails with them and it all works fine...

Thank you for the feedback..

  €dstow 15:12 10 Mar 2003

The astaus line on their home page says there is a problem with the mail servers.


  €dstow 15:12 10 Mar 2003

The status line on their home page says there is a problem with the mail servers.


  anchor 17:12 10 Mar 2003

Just picked my mail from the BT server, no problem.

  3tg 18:59 10 Mar 2003

I had prolems yesterday and this afternoon !, though I have to say that, on the whole, it's usually OK

  misery 19:02 10 Mar 2003

I keep thinking it's a conspiracy to force us all onto broadband!!

  €dstow 19:05 10 Mar 2003

Seems to be back on now but it's telling me I have no new messages. It's been off most of the afternoon and we've not had an e-mail since early this morning - I just don't believe that. Even on a quiet afternoon we get at least thirty e-mails and on a busy day it can be hundreds. Hope they're not lost in the ether.


  €dstow 19:06 10 Mar 2003

BTW this was on broadband!


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