BT Yahoo and Windows Live Mail

  bpzoom 20:02 31 Aug 2012

I use a BT internet connection with a BT Yahoo account. For as long as I can remember I have been using Windows Live Mail to control my emails. I have recently received what at first I thought was a hoax email purporting to come from more or less accusing me of abusing their email system. I ignored it. The second such message I reported to BT in case it was a scam. Here I must say I maintain my email folders under Windows Live Mail meticulously with no great numbers in the in box sent box or deleted folders. Out of curiosity I logged into BT Yahoo Mail and found that my inbox, spam, sent, deleted boxes were replicated under BT Yahoo, and crucially none had ever been deleted for 3 or more years. I had 1000s of emails in these boxes.Looks as though the BT Yahoo warnings were not spam. Anyone know why delete actions under Windows Live Mail are not replicated under BT Yahoo. I have now emptied all the contents of boxes in BT Yahoo. Finally none of the extra folders for important retained emails I have created under Windows Live Mail have been replicated under BT Yahoo. Is it possible to transfer these retained emails from Windows Live to BT Yahoo please?

  lotvic 21:48 31 Aug 2012

Check your settings, tell Windows Live Mail to delete from server when deleted from 'Deleted Folder'

Bt yahoo account in windows live mail and rightclick, then properties, then advanced and tick to delete mail from server (when collected) or delete from server when deleted from 'Deleted Folder'

The folder sych thing is IMAP not POP email as far as I am aware.

As you have now deleted all emails from BT Yahoo server mailboxes, and not retained the 'important' ones that you wanted to keep there as well as in WLM, I don't think you can transfer a copy of them back again.

  bpzoom 23:16 31 Aug 2012

Thank you that is most helpful. The part I do not understand is that under WLM I created extra folders for emails relating to certain subjects. The creation of these extra WLM folders was not replicated in BT Yahoo for some reason. So all those emails under WLM which I wish to keep are not replicated in BT Yahoo because the extra folders do not exist in BY Yahoo. If possible I would like to copy them across to BT Yahoo and get rid of WLM as I see no advantage in using it anymore.

  lotvic 00:07 01 Sep 2012

I do not know how to accomplish what you want to do, or know if it is even possible to copy folders of emails to a Web server account. I am not sure if you are using POP or IMAP or free yahoo email or the Plus. You haven't said if you want all your email to be kept on the BT Yahoo webmail server (instead of on your pc's Hard drive).

I don't know how to make folders in WLM and have them automatically replicate in BT Yahoo.

I am sorry I can't be of more help, maybe someone who is familiar with both will post a more helpful response.

  FRANKMAC 20:46 01 Sep 2012


Lotvic was dead right in everything stated, and for info BT Yahoo mail is POP mail. Anything you do in WLM will NOT be replicated on BT Yahoo webmail, if you want additional folders on BT yahoo mail you will have to create them manually. I am not aware of anyway of how this can be done automatically. the only suggestion i have for getting your email from WLM to BT yahoo mail would be to send them to yourself, thou that depends how many you have i guess. then move them to your new extra folder.



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