BT Yahoo!! ...??is this a record...???!!!

  end 21:32 08 Jun 2004

from THIS here

having e mailed, phoned, posted on here,exasperated you lot who could not quite understand the "blank screens" I was gettign that you were NOT getting,; re emailed, e mail from adresses that I COULD read replies on and send repllies from, I ahve now had a phone call from BT (yes,,,they have actually PHONED me( so I DO exist!!))to ask me to explain the problem to many weeks after this all began.....
am wondering if next I just MIGHT have a letter from them ( mind you, I have not checked nmy BTYahoo mail to see if they have now e mailed me as well!!)

BUT,, I HAD pointed out TO them that it was pointless e mailing me as i could not send a reply, but WHY I did not know.....

???so when do I get my letter from them..i do wonder........

OR...OH JOY,,, the offer of an engineer to come on site and sort the problem.....( they"re not THAT "dedicated" are they???!!!).....

  VoG II 21:36 08 Jun 2004

Based on my historic dealings with BT (who I have long since ditched) I'm amazed that they know what a phone is, let alone how to use one.

  stalion 21:38 08 Jun 2004

hear,hear lol

  end 21:43 08 Jun 2004

one is assuming they actually used a phone.....they COULD have used a computer -thing to send the message to my phone being very cynical.......when does my computer-generatd letter arrive then...???

  end 22:06 31 Jul 2004

to add to this thread and then close it;;I received a phone call today from apparently BT , (but which sounded like a company to do with my professional side asking me to attend a patient); they wanted to offer me cheaper calls and they got rather "sarcastic" when I told them that I thought they were a "medical phone call"....even had the "discourtesy " to address me by my first name instead of beginning with my surname; my professional side I would expect to address me by my first name; but a phone company should surely address us by our "family" name out of courtesy.....

  VoG II 22:24 31 Jul 2004

My "best" experience with BT was to arrive at my "new" home to find a bill *in red* for unpaid line rental plus the cost of the phone itself (I own my own phone). On the day that we moved in!

My language to their so-called customer service department is, sadly, unrepeatable on this forum.

When Cable Corporation (now part of Telewest/blueyonder) started digging up our pavement I had a private party and begged them to let me sign up. Apart from the recent problem with e-mails, blueyonder have been excellent (broadband, phone and telly).

BT is a joke, IMHO.

  Chegs ® 22:31 31 Jul 2004

But I dont have cable in our area,ISP's INSIST your with BT before they will let me signup to them,and BT keep cutting off the phone and then a few weeks later my ADSL too,as their records show the line as "discontinued service" :-(

  stalion 22:36 31 Jul 2004

I bet you said "oh deary deary me" not that bad, you could post that on here

  end 22:51 31 Jul 2004

I have used the word "discourtesy" in place of far stronger terms that are "unsuitable " for keeping to forum rules; and especially when I am led to believe that I am receiving a "medical " call .....

  swapper 07:23 01 Aug 2004

On a brighter side :-) I have been with BT Broadband for two years now, I originally had problems with constant disconnections, they bent over sideways(?) to resolve my problem, they sent three engineers (at different times) over a matter of weeks, renewed the cable from the telegraph pole right through to my PC.
It was eventually found that one of my telephone cables (I have four extentions in the house) was at fault, nothing to do with Broadband, just old cable.
I am told that I am almost at the outer limits for B/B, and have started to get the odd disconnection, some problems were found at the exchange, and resolved, but once again BT have come up trumps as far service is concerned.

  end 07:36 01 Aug 2004

(sounds remarkably like the saga i had with a gas leak in my previous house; my then-partner refused to accept the fact that I could smell gas,but my partner could not,and smoking was a constant practice in the house.It was only when the concrete floor was dug up during a kitchen "conversion" that , yes, a hole WAS found in the gas pipe......and of course we had a phone in that room , lighting of cigarettes, .....what "might have happened" does not bear thinking about...but I felt "exhonerated" by the finding of the leak...)

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