BT Yahoo and new Home page format.

  TonyV 20:17 21 Aug 2007

Yesterday, in their wisdom, BT Yahoo changed the format of the Home page that individuals use. Mine has not worked since it was brought in. Half the modules that I have on my Home page are not functioning. It has the following error messages in the bottom LH corner of the page :-Line:1011, Char:1, Error:"YAHOO.My" is null or not an object., Code:0, URL: click here.

In fact the Home page address has changed from click here to click here .

Has anybody else had similar problems? I spent two hours last night talking to their Tech Help people and they did everything, including installing FireFox and Opera, but their page would only work in Opera. They eventually told me to talk to my vendor and ask him to repair my IE7!! Other sites work fine on my copy of IE7 so am not quite sure what to do now. I have un-installed and re-installed IE7 but it has had no effect on their/my Home page.

Any one any ideas as to how to correct the problem?



  brundle 22:55 21 Aug 2007

Faulty Javascript apparently. Test it here; click here

Reinstall from here; click here

  Chillie 01:11 22 Aug 2007

There should no need to re-install Browsers. On the new and improved(?)BT Yahoo! Beta homepage, possibly next to the 'Welcome XXX' you should find a switch-back link to the old and quite good Home page. Remember to change the default home page back to "click here" (hope this does not come out as a link.

BT Yahoo has never heard of 'if it ain't broke, don't mess with it'

Good luck!

  Chillie 01:14 22 Aug 2007

The click here should be (ignore the spaces) h t t p : / / homedotbtdotyahoodotcom

  yaesu 12:32 22 Aug 2007

Hi, why not just change home page back to if you liked the original and lock it with Spybot? Mine hasn't changed and I didn't realise bt had done this until I read this post.Or am I missing something? Regards, yaesu

  TonyV 16:43 22 Aug 2007

The weather has been so good today over Exmoor, we decided to go walking, hence my slow response.

Thanks for your comments above. I will have a look at them all and see what I can do.

Chillie, you are certainly right regarding "If it ain't broke.....". I will also have a look at reverting back to the old page via your suggestion. Though, I must admit, when I typed the old url, it automatically changed itself to the new page!

Will keep you informed of how I progress.



  TonyV 17:12 22 Aug 2007


I performed the testing from your link and everything was working fine.

Incidentally, when I switched on this afternoon, the "new" page was all operating fine. (So much for it being my browser at fault!)


I can't see any link that will take me back to my original Home page (http : / / without the spaces.) But at least the new one is now performing as it should. If you do find anything about the link for reverting back to the original Home page, I would be most obliged!



  Chillie 19:21 22 Aug 2007

To switch back to original home page, look in top right-hand corner of page or bottom left-hand corner. It says 'Switch to original My Yahoo'.

I just tried it and boy, was I glad to see my old friend.

Hope this works for you.

  TonyV 23:32 22 Aug 2007

No, it's not on my page!


  Chillie 22:34 23 Aug 2007

Just spent the last 30 minutes trying to get back to the original home page. You are right; there is nothing on the new page to allow a switch-back. But I think I may have found one; omit all spaces. In the address bar type: h t t p : // mydotyahoodotcom.

It worked for me. Hope it goes well.

  TonyV 10:45 24 Aug 2007

No, I tried it and it justs reverts back to the new page. It seems as though BT Yahoo! have tied it down quite rigidly to keep their "new" home page being the only one available.

Thanks for your efforts.


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