BT Yahoo! Mail Virus Protection

  Dirty Dick 20:52 28 Feb 2005

I'm signed up with BT Yahoo and keep receiving ALERTS. But they date back to SEPTEMBER 2004. I delete the e-mail but it comes back the next time I log on. Has anybody any ideas ?


  yaesu 21:04 28 Feb 2005

Hi dirty dick, I gave up with the Yahoo browser/mail system as I found it intrusive and unreliable and now use ie6 and oe6 with BT broadband. (Outpost firewall and AVG free AV both work well with this set up)
Regards yaesu

  Dirty Dick 21:12 28 Feb 2005

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I don't use the Yahoo setup, but I use Outlook Express, Avg etc works ok, but still keep getting REPEAT virus alerts, THE SAME ALERT.

  dogbreath1 21:45 28 Feb 2005

Hi Dirty Dick. I've got a similar setup. I'm on BT Yahoo broadband and as you do I avoid the web based email page and access my email in Outlook Express direct from the pop3 server. My AVG isn't running in real time, I simply use it as a scanner quite frequently. My real time AV application is Avast. I don't get problems with recurring mail and associated virus alerts. It would be interesting to see if the alerts disappeared if you mimmicked my setup.

  Dirty Dick 16:17 03 Mar 2005

Can't mimic your setup - AND I'M REALLY FRUSTRATED ! Surley somebody can help - PLEASE

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