BT Yahoo mail program

  Samuel Gee 14:47 14 Jan 2007

Hi,I have BT Home hub,I only use Outlook Express for mail and I am angry at the amount of junk left on my Yahoo mail program.My Mailwasher will only cover one program so I can't control this flood of Church and normal spam.I would love to cut out the Yahoo Mail program,it's a big job wiping 250/300 messages twice a day.Hope someone can help.
Regards Sam Gee

  Diodorus Siculus 17:52 14 Jan 2007

Give some more details of your setup and hopefully someone will be able to help.

it should all go to bulk! mine does, if it doesnt click on spam when you recieve it and next time it will, it doesnt clog up your normal mail and you can set it to delete daily i just ignore mine.
if you have norton 07 (bt av) set email filter to low risk and it wont get as far as the bulk folder this does remove/block pretty much everything apart from mail from friends though, your better off just leaving it in the bulk box

  steven_frost 18:11 14 Jan 2007

youcan switch of the bulk email this will mean everything will go through mailwasher theother option is to create a new email address and use that

"its a big job wiping 250/300 messages twice a day"
it is a heck of a lot of spam! but you either, click 'check all' then delete, or leave it to empty itself which you can configure.
it is bt yahoo mail you mean??

  mike1967 18:49 14 Jan 2007

You need to active you're bulk box if you're using BTYahoo, if you do you will not need any third party spam software such as mailwasher as the BTYahoo spam protector will do it all for you

In my view a very good service provided free.

  Samuel Gee 20:06 14 Jan 2007

Thanks all very good of you.
Regards and again thanks.
Sam Gee

  p;3 20:23 14 Jan 2007

curious to know how you sorted this?

well i was just wondering that too!

  p;3 21:00 14 Jan 2007

no solution has been given and mailwasher has a dual read version that I am using; I think the starter may not have sorted it

mailwasher does NOT read the junk mail box on server, only the in box; nor does oe; so junk mail WILL be left in junk mail box on server until server is opened and seen

??what is so wrong WITH the mail yahoo program ( the BT Yahoo I am presuming )

you have to have a mail server, you do know that don't you?

  Samuel Gee 15:44 20 Jan 2007

Sorry!! bit late getting back to you.I use O/Exp
I just avoid the BT Yahoo mail program I dont like it,its to full of over engineered bits here and bits there,You can do this and that.Give me the basic layout and use of O/Exp.I I just look at the BT Yahoo program it assumes its been the chosen program for all my e.mail and blocks the O/E program.I had to get in touch with the Indian
Call Centre and give them my P.C. for half an hour to sort it.I do know I have to have a mail server .
Thanks all for your help.
Please dont hesitate to reply if you think I am on the wrong track
Sam Gee

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