BT Yahoo! Internet - Networking Problems

  Adam_C 11:10 23 Dec 2007

I have a BT Voyager 210 router, which can connect to the internet using my settings (obviously pre-installed, via username and password).
I also have a Wireless Router. When I take out the ADSL Line (RJ11) socket, the Voyager loses its connection. I then plug this ADSL line into the back of my wireless router (which is connected to my PC via RJ45 cable).
Obviously, the Voyage can connect, but as soon as I get to the wireless router, it can not connect to my ADSL Internet connection. All the settings are right, PPPoA, 0/38 username and password are correct (using the same as on my Voyager (I changed it yesterday, and can confirm that I can sign into BT Yahoo and Voyager with it (though cannot connect to BT's site itself))). However, I leave DNS as as I am not sure of BT Yahoo's DNS. Should this be a problem, can anyone guide me in the right dirrection.

  Kemistri 13:52 23 Dec 2007

As a general rule, you must either add the DNS server IP or ensure that the device is configured to discover it.

  Kemistri 13:53 23 Dec 2007

A case of Redundant Acronym Syndrome there, with "DNS server".

  ambra4 21:43 23 Dec 2007

The BT Voyager 210 is a USB modem for a Single computer to be connected to your ISP to allow access to the Internet

You cannot use a USB modem with a router; you need to get a modem with an Ethernet ports to connect the router

D-Link ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem

click here

Or a combine modem wireless router

3Com Office Connect Wireless 54Mbps ADSL2/2+ Modem Firewall Router

click here

  ambra4 22:27 23 Dec 2007

If you purchase the D-Link ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem you will have to set it up first to connect to your ISP to allow you access to the Internet

Once you can access and browse the Internet disconnect the cable from the PC LAN card and connect to the router Wan port, using a second Ethernet cable connect the PC LAN card to port 1 on the router.

You now have to access the router and set it up to allow you access to the modem and the Internet

Read the manual on how to access and set-up the router

If you purchase the combine modem wireless router you just remove the BT Voyager 210 USB modem and connect the phone line to the RJ11 connector on the unit.

Connect an Ethernet cable from port 1 to the LAN card port on the PC

You now have to access the router and set it up to allow you access to your ISP and the Internet

Read the manual on how to access and set-up the router

If you are not sure if the setting on you PC is set correct check this posting

click here

  Kemistri 23:22 23 Dec 2007

Adam_C stated that he removed the RJ11 ADSL lead from the modem and transferred it to to the relevant socket on the router - though he did not specify, this must be a modem/router otherwise it would not have an RJ11 socket.

  ambra4 01:08 24 Dec 2007


Some wireless routers have the wan port listed as ASDL the RJ11 will fit into a RJ45 socket

I have seen modem phone line cables plug into LAN card ports and the person saying the modem not working

Linksys Router Wan port just says LINE

Netgear Say DSL or Broadband

Dlink says ADSL

Belkin Says ADSL

  brundle 10:22 24 Dec 2007

It's deffo a (very limited) router with USB & Ethernet connections, I have an unlocked one for troubleshooting purposes click here

  Kemistri 11:14 24 Dec 2007

I am aware of the labelling and socket specs - however, the OP is clearly intelligent enough to spot the difference in width between an RJ11 plug and a larger RJ45 socket.

  Ashrich 19:36 24 Dec 2007

Unless the wireless router also has a modem built in then connecting the RJ11 to it will do no good at all , leave the Voyager as it is , instead of having the ethernet cable going to your PC from the Voyager , plug it in to the WAN port of the router , then connect another ethernet cable to the PC from port 1 , power up the router and let it settle then try accessing it . There is no need to change anything in the router as it should find the ADSL connection , then just set yourself some decent wireless encryption .


  Ashrich 19:44 24 Dec 2007

Sorry , just read your post through again , it seems you DO have an ADSL modem router , and that IT won't do what you want . Do a full reset on the router , re-enter all your details , just tell the router to use DHCP , it will get the addresses automatically and VCMUX to go with the 0/38 , PPPoA and user name and password , then click on " connect " and see what happens .


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