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  Border View 11:20 03 May 2013

I have received an e-mail from BT regarding important changes to your BT email terms. To keep my BT email I must log on at least once every 150 days at I am with BT my email address ends and I use it every day via Windows Live Mail.

Can anyone please explain where on earth comes into the equation. They are telling me that if I dont log on before 17th June at they will cancel my e-mail account.

I have tried navigating BTs web site to find the answer and its a nightmare in there.

Please help clarify this matter.

  northumbria61 11:30 03 May 2013

Don't Panic - just take a look here enter link description here

  Border View 11:47 03 May 2013

Thanks for that Northumbria61. However that is all about BTYahoo email. I don't use BTYahoo email. I have e-mail address which is set up to open send and receive via Windows Live Mail. I don't want anything to do with BTYahoo email.

  Jollyjohn 12:00 03 May 2013

Sadly you have everything to do with BT Yahoo! It is part of the BT e-mail system. However you do not need to use BT Yahoo.

BT Yahoo is the web access to your e-mail account. If you were away from your PC and wanted to check your e-mails you could go online, go to the BT Yahoo sign in page, type in your e-mail address and password and you will connect directly to the server where you could access your e-mails, send, reply and delete as needed.

I would suggest you try logging in once - NOT by following any links in the e-mail - but search in Internet explorer for BT Yahoo.

You don't mention if BT is your internet service provider. If you do not use BT as your isp, your btinternet e-mail is referred to as a PAYG address and will need to be used to keep it live.

PLease be careful of following any links in e-mails from BT Yahoo, there are a couple of scam e-mails circulating that upset your e-mail, I have just sorted a couple of these issues.

  Border View 14:11 03 May 2013

Many thanks for responding Jollyjohn. Your explanation puts everything into context and I am grateful. BT is my ISP. Its handy to know about accessing Yahoo when we are away and using mobile broadband.

Again thank you for the information you provided.

  wee eddie 23:09 06 May 2013

I have 3 relevant addresses:, and

I use the first and the last regularly, but not the one, but it is the address that my ISP is connected too.

I am now more confused than ever.

Where do you think I stand?

  Jollyjohn 08:16 07 May 2013

The 3 addresses are all the same account. The is the master address. If you go to BT Yahoo you would use that one to log in should you need to.

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