BT Yahoo! Broadband Transfer Limits

  BBez 19:50 01 Dec 2004

Just a quick question, got a 30GB cap for transfers per month on downloads, does anyone know if there is a cap on uploads as i run a large FTP Server from it...

Also is there anyway to unlock the 30K upload speed cap by means of software (tunnelling etc)...

any help, tia... :~)

  JoeC 19:55 01 Dec 2004

the total cap is for up AND downloads.

  JoeC 19:58 01 Dec 2004

Courtesy of BT

Your monthly usage allowance - what does it mean?

Each of our Broadband from BT packages has a monthly usage allowance, varying from 1GB to 15GB to 30GB. This figure indicates the amount of data you can transfer (download or upload) each month.

Data transferred from the Internet to your computer (download) or from your computer to the Internet (upload) is measured in Kilobytes (KB), Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB). 1MB = 1024KB; 1GB = 1024MB

  BBez 20:29 01 Dec 2004

thanks, need to get a provider without caps then as i've transferred around 130GB already this month...

  The Spires 21:45 01 Dec 2004

At 130 G amonth I hope you don't move to the ISP I use, & I have to say most ISP's would not be pleased to have you.

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