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  WHU 20:16 11 Nov 2004

Ive been using the BT browser now for a while since i started using broadband. Although its been ok, its not perfect, and after reading the comments about the Mozilla Firefox browser, im looking to change over to that. I know you shouldnt remove the IE browser and i wont, but does anyone know how i remove the BT browser?

  whybe 21:44 11 Nov 2004

I'm on BT Yahoo and like yourself was not impressed by their browser. To remove it go into Start, Control Panel, add/remove programs. When you click on BT Yahoo Browser it gives you the option to remove all or parts of the setup.

  WHU 22:16 11 Nov 2004

Thanks whybe. I did have a look at that first but couldnt find anything there. Ive just double check and i only have the following-
BT Yahoo! Applications
BT Yahoo! Help

I presume if i remove BT Yahoo applications it will remove a few other things as well?
If i was just to install the Mozilla browser would it just overwrite the BT browser?

  ACOLYTE 23:30 11 Nov 2004

I have The BT Yahoo browser although i dont use it i use IE6,i cant see why you cant use Mozilla it may even ask if you want it to be the default browser that way you never have to use the yahoo 1 again,unless you wont to.

  whybe 00:02 12 Nov 2004

If you install the Mozilla browser it would not overwrite BT's but would be in addition to it. You then specify (usually by opening or via tools, options) which browser you want as default. When I clicked on delete BT Applications it then gave me options of what to delete by way of tick boxes. I deleted the lot and it did not have any effect on getting on line or other functionality it just at that time reverted me back to Internet Explorer as my web browser,this would be the case if you just had BT's basic broadband as it would use whatever browser you had installed and not the specific BT Yahoo one. Sorry if it seems a bit convoluted but hope this helps.

  WHU 18:16 12 Nov 2004

Thanks for your help. Going to download Mozilla, and see how it goes. If all's well then i might remove the BT Browser.

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