BT Yahoo Broadband 2MB 'cannot find modem'

  benmurrells1977 16:42 26 Jul 2005

briefly, I rebuilt my PC recently, where as before the broadband was working spot on, since I have reinstalled it, nothing happens. It basically says that it cannot connect and that is it. All of the software etc installs fine, but once you get to the final screen saying 'testing your connection' it basically asks you to make sure all wires etc are connected correctly. I have spent literally about 6 hours on the phone to the help desk, and they just keep taking me round in circles on the matter. One thing I will say, is that I tried to install a wireless router recently, and obviously with that you change a lot of settings, so surely the rebuild would of completely wiped this? Somebody help me please, if I have to speak to an Indian call centre again im going to kill someone.

  bch8132311 17:07 26 Jul 2005

Just a quick thought any default settings that the system has might need to be changed...Or personal details ..might be a mistake somewhere..?

Or Check with BT to do a line check...Or Check that the Modem is capable of handlng 2MB some are'nt.?

If power is on to modem check for updated drivers..?

Check that your USB controler is updated with latest drivers

If USB Connection try another socket incase you have a dodgy port.

Check in bios that all USB are enabled.

Hope this gives you a hand


  benmurrells1977 17:23 26 Jul 2005

BT line check is spot on, personal details are 'apparently' spot on, USB drivers are all from the cd installation disk that the USB cable came with. I'll check the USB bios thing however.

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