BT and Yahoo...??

  Magik ®© 08:28 10 Sep 2003

BT have now launched their new web offering,which i downloaded last night, all 10mb of it,it did not run smoothly. once the main part had been downloaded and put in, it then ask if i wanted a couple of other bits, when i clicked "yes" it tried to download the same lot again..had a few lock up's, this morning i took it all the point of all this, "about time i hear you cry" is it me, or all those who have downloaded it, did it go ok.


  -pops- 08:40 10 Sep 2003

Thanks for the warning. Why am I not surprised?

  nkosi 09:02 10 Sep 2003

I started a thread the other day about the BT/Yahoo browser, voicing my trepidation and asking whether anybody knew if you could decline it.
click here
I would prefer to keep my standard setup of IE6 with the google toolbar as the default. Have you found out yet if that is possible or whether the Yahoo stuff is mandatory? I don't think I'll take advantage of the 'compulsory upgrade' until I finally have to. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  Magik ®© 09:41 10 Sep 2003

sorry never saw your thread, just had a read of it.

i think it is a case of "if it aint broke,dont fix it" just as well i had GO-BACK installed,a few clicks and i was back where i was an hour thing i did not mention in my post was that at the end of the download it asked for my username and password, so it could set it up for me, then told me, "wrong name and P/word" so all in all a total mess.................

stick with what you know..............

  -pops- 11:07 10 Sep 2003

Have you told BT about this fiasco?

  hoverman 11:22 10 Sep 2003

Installed the BT/Yahoo browser, didn't like it much so, with thanks to System Restore, have reverted back to IE6.

  christmascracker 11:35 10 Sep 2003

My mother-in-law went onto BT yahoo broadband on monday and I installed it for her.

What a pain. Same thing here installation went fine but it wouldn't accept the username and pw that had been sent to them but it would accept my yahoo id

In the end I got her a yahoo id and signed her in with that.

I was broadband enabled myself about an hour ago - thank god I ordered the normal BT Broadband (lines only)

Everything went fine and I am now wizzing around the net;-)


  dewskit 22:32 19 Sep 2003

I have just gone through the trauma of 'updating' my BT Broadband
Service to BT Yahoo, which as far as I can see is an unmitigated
Nothing works properly anymore, I am inundated with rubbish in which
I have not the slightest interest on the Homepage. Attempts to get
rid of unwanted items, following the instructions still leaves them
smirking at me, Attempts to access my talk21 and yahoo email accounts
through the homepage don't work, I am apparently no longer a member
of any Yahoo Groups, and frankly, I have had it up to here!!

Anyone else gone through this - if not I recommend
staying 'unimproved' for as long as you are allowed.
(Sneakily, once you have taken the plunge there seems to be no way of
going back) and there is no opt-out clause either. GRRRRR


  Magik ®© 22:51 19 Sep 2003

as has been said, BT say you will not have to upgrade if you don't want really is a pile of rubbish....and like you, all the yahoo accounts have been rendered useless..

won't trust BT again in a hurry :-(

  Stuartli 23:51 19 Sep 2003

..and I thought the expression was Ya Boo!

  pc moron 00:11 20 Sep 2003

There's a page on BTopenworld's site that allows you to "upgrade" to BT Yahoo! without downloading and installing any software (broadband users).

I'd post the link but I've already moved to BT Yahoo! and I can't access the old homepage (the "upgrade" is one way).

Follow the instructions and when it displays an option to download the software, click Cancel.

You're account will be modified so that when you login you'll be re-directed to BT Yahoo!.

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