BT Yahho Bulk Folder

  Colin 12:33 04 Feb 2006

I use BT Yahoo Broadband and have recently noticed that in their Webmail Bulk Folder the button to select "Not Spam" is no longer shown. Occasionally, genuine mail goes into the bulk folder and I could click "Not Spam" and it would go into my Inbox. I can use the button "Move" and select Inbox, but being able to select "Not Spam" is preferable.

Has this happened to anyone else?

  outlawbabs 12:41 04 Feb 2006

yes mines the same Colin,I'd prefer a "not spam" button too.I wonder if moving an email to inbox has the same effect as marking as not spam? If I remember rightly,when marked as not spam the email was transferred to inbox automatically? I'll have to try it and see what happens.

  Colin 14:35 04 Feb 2006

Thanks, outlawbabs.

If I access it at another PC it isn't there either. But a friend of mine also using BT Yahoo has it. The help files all refer to the "not Spam" button, but make no mention of it dissapearing. If you move an e-mail to your Inbox, the next time you get another one, it's still goes in to the bulk folder.

  flash_gordon 14:49 04 Feb 2006

It is there. All you have to do is click on the email in the Bulk folder to open it up and hey presto a "Not Spam" button will apear at the top and bottom.

  Minkey1 14:51 04 Feb 2006

Just checked mine, and yes, the Not Spam button has disappeared from the Bulk folder. Strangely, the Spam button still appears by the Inbox folder.

So there's an easy way to move an item from Inbox to Spam, but not the other way round !

Good old BT !

I have to say that with only 1 or 2 exceptions, BT's web based spam folder does work pretty well, and keeps 99.9 % of stuff from being downloaded to my Outlook.


  Bagsey 17:20 04 Feb 2006

Open the email and the Not Spam button appears.

  Colin 17:54 04 Feb 2006

Thanks for the responses. I've opened the e-mail and the "Not Spam" button is there. I thought that opening the e-mail would tell the spammer that my e-mail address is valid. I assume that it doesn't if opened in the Bulk Folder.

  TonyV 18:53 04 Feb 2006

I, too, have BT Yahoo! mail and anything that goes in to my Bulk Folder, I look at from the sender's address viewpoint, and if I do not recognise or expect anything from that address I just empty it from the Bulk folder. This of course, is after I have decided which ones I can transfer to the Inbox. i.e. Any mail that is from the likes of Barclays, Halifax, Doctor, and any other initials that frequently come through, or any spurious names, I know full well they are spam and they get pushed out immediately.

Must of this garbage that comes through, there is no way that I would want to open them just to click a "Not Spam" button.



  Bagsey 13:47 05 Feb 2006

If you open an email in your web mail ie. Btyahoo mail you are not downloading it to your computer, but reading it as you would a website page from the Btyahoo server. Therfore the sender would not get any feed back from your computer to confirm that your email address is active. So opening mail to record the fact that it is spam is not compromising your security.

  TonyV 13:15 07 Feb 2006

Thanks for that. I will take note. I must confess I do not usually use BTYahoo! mail as a mail programme but use OE6. However, I take account of the facility that BT Yahoo! offer to "collect" the spam in a seperate folder making it very easy to get rid of.



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