BT Wireless Security

  laurie53 11:38 17 Mar 2008

Thinking of changing from Orange to BT but a little concerned about the BT system whereby your home net becomes a wireless access point for other BT users, using their own account.

How secure is this?

Not looking for doom and gloom stories but some information from someone indep[endent that actually knows something about it!

  mooly 12:54 17 Mar 2008

Hi, If it's just the wireless security aspect use WPA PSK, no problem with the HomeHub. Is this what you mean ? Karl

  Technotiger 13:38 17 Mar 2008

It only becomes a wi-fi point if you agree, otherwise it is totally private like any other router set-up. It is up to you then, to set you own Security as per mooly's post.

I use the BTHome Hub and I think it is Grreat!

  rawprawn 13:55 17 Mar 2008

Ditto Technotiger

  Fingees 14:02 17 Mar 2008

I also use the home hub.

I also have a telephone connected to it, which provides a second independent line, with free evening & weekend calls.

Found security excellent.

  laurie53 15:44 17 Mar 2008

Thanks everybody

  mooly 11:48 18 Mar 2008

Should just add, I find it much better to let P.C. (running Vista) to look after all network settings. I have not installed any B.T. software. Set up using Hubs security details as supplied (are they still using W.E.P. I wonder) and then change Hub settings to WPA PSK with you're own key, at this point you lose connection, don't panic just go into P.C.s network settings and (for Vista) select use WPA PERSONAL and enter new key.

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