BT webmail, a question from another thread ?

  Ikelos 19:31 22 May 2006

hi, just reading another thread about getting email down onto another PC, it was on about using webmail to check emails, I use BT and OE, so all mail is downloaded to this PC, if i go to BT.YAHOO. there is all the spam, and just a couple of emails(error massages) from the router, so now to the question, about time i hear you cry, how do you get the emails to land up on the page.... hope that makes sense.


  Forum Editor 19:37 22 May 2006

provide a webmail service (yours definitely does), and this can be accessed if you login on their website.

There you'll see all your mail - the very same mail that you download to your computer via Outlook Express, or whatever mail client you use on your machine. By default most email programs delete messages from the server when they download them, but if you use webmail the messages are still there, later, when you want to download them to your computer.

  Ikelos 19:39 22 May 2006

thanks FE, I will send myself an email, and try it. I will report back.........

  skidzy 19:47 22 May 2006

If away from your pc and you cannot access your email from your providers home page you may like to consider this click here

Hope this helps

  p;3 19:54 22 May 2006

if you log in to your BT Yahoo address on the server , and check your in box and your bulk box, you can open your bulk box, check each mail and if you wish to have each of those mails downloaded to your pc, then you will need to open each mail and tell the server that that mail is NOT spam and is ok; then each mail that you do like that will be transfered to your in box and enabled to be grabbed by OE; is that what you are asking?

  Ikelos 19:55 22 May 2006

hi all, i am back...........i must be doing it all wrong, sent myself a couple of emails, yes, it is a shame, ;-) of course before i could get into BT yahoo, they turned up, so i sent them from the Lycos webmail service, went into BT.Yahoo and waited, I do have all 6 email addresses set up, nothing turned up, even though i clicked on "check mail" many times, came out and went back into the normal BT mail thingy, clicked on "send /receive" and there they were.. so i am lost..


  Ikelos 20:02 22 May 2006

hi, yes, you almost have it, but i want to do it the other way round, pick up the mail in the


  p;3 20:14 22 May 2006

??the other way round? the mail is on the BT Yahoo server; so where do you actually want it?

  Ikelos 20:23 22 May 2006

hi again, on this laptop i have OE and BT, so i click on OE then "send receive" and all the mail comes does one get it to come down onto "BT.Yahoo" like the ten ton of spam does..


  p;3 20:31 22 May 2006

if I am reading this right; you have several addresses from which you collect mail?when you click on the send/receive tag how many addresses appear? on mine I have four that appear and I have to select which address I wish to download from ; then the program goes to that specific address ONLY and grabs the mails; I can do this for each of the different addresses; however; that is NOT signing into and opening your server, which is a web page itself

  p;3 20:35 22 May 2006

and if you want to sign into your BT yahoo web mail page this is where you need to be

click here; this wll lead you to your server web amil and your in box and spam bulk box; you will need to enter your email address and your password to proceed to the main BT Yahoo server and the mails

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