BT Voyager 2110

  Ade_1 14:56 06 May 2006

Hi, i am experiancing problems with my internet connection with BT via a BT Voyager 2110 router. We have always had little problems with it cutting out but it has got slightly worse when we got Wireless. I thought it was the same problem we had when we had wired connection, but what is happening is that im losing all connection so i have no signal, and this happens usually for around 30 mins to 1hr and 30 mins sometimes longer, and i sometimes cant even pick up my router from my computer or laptops. I still cant get a signal even when i am right next to the router, however it works fine when i plug it into the router via Ethernet. What could be the problem? Could it be the router sending out signals or what? Im not sure what to do.

Thanks in Advance

  remind 14:58 06 May 2006

Do you detect any other wireless networks nearby while scanning for your own? have you tried changing wireless channels?

  Ade_1 15:03 06 May 2006

Yes i do pick up other wireless networks whilst looking for my own. No i havnt tried changing wireless channels - mainly because i dont think i know how to and it took ages to get wireless installed on the computers.

Just to let you know aswell - its protected with a WEP key.

  remind 15:15 06 May 2006

It /should/ be simple to change the channel - if your connection is dropping that much what have you got to lose? It's possible someone nearby has a wireless network on the same channel but a stronger signal than your router, blocking you from access. It's the first thing to try - your router must be fine if it works when you plug a cable in, its just the wireless aspect.
Get the user guide here click here
and look under `Wireless Settings`

  Ade_1 15:25 06 May 2006

thanks, ill take a look

  The Old Mod 16:26 06 May 2006

Hi Ade_1, to change your channel settings, you need to type in to your search bar, voyager.home
Then select advanced, then advanced again. After that select wireless, a window will come up asking for your user name and password, type in admin for the user name and admin for the password, then you will be in, and can change the channel number ok.
Hope this helps.

  Ade_1 16:41 06 May 2006

Old Mod

I was having trouble with hte username password thing, now you syaing what you have i reember thats what they are default as!, slipped my memory for some unknown reason.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 16:51 06 May 2006

click here
This is a handy programme that will show all available networks but more importantly the channels that are in use. You need to be at least 5 channels away from others if possible.

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