BT Voyager 2100DD Wireless Security Problem

  Slithe 15:56 05 Jan 2006


I am having difficulty setting up the wireless securtity on the network. We've got three PC's and one laptop on our home network.

Since activating the wireless securtiy, the laptop cannot access the Internet. I've entered the same WEP Key used by the PC's and still have no luck.

Am using a BT Voyager 1060 Laptop Wireless Adapter.

  LAP 17:26 05 Jan 2006

Your problem could be your BT1060. Our set up is 2 computers using BT1050 wireless adaptors. Worked initially then had the same problem as you, one of ours was faulty, it was easy for us to sort out ie just switch them round. Perhaps someone can suggest a way that you check yours.

  Slithe 17:30 05 Jan 2006

Thanks - works fine without the security set up.

  Slithe 17:32 05 Jan 2006

Problem is, the security works fine on the others, so is there something different for the laptop?

Am not allowed to simply just turn it off, outvoted by the others!

  mgmcc 21:32 05 Jan 2006

If encryption is causing problems, does your router support "MAC Address filtering" which you could use as an alternative method of securing the network?

  Slithe 22:40 05 Jan 2006

Thanks for the reply. It does, however, it seems strange that 2 PC's work with the same encryption key, but the laptop doesn't.

If anyone can come up with any suggestions I'd be much obligied. I've mentioned the idea so far, and I am slightly reluctant to change the set-up as the other PC's are working fine.

With the laptop, I cannot see the Router in Network Places or use ipconfig in Command.

I did get a Norton Firewall pop-up when I first entered the key, with 'New Network Found,' and after selecting the appropriate option, was unable to access the network. I've even tried switching off the firewall to no avail.

Seems strange as there must be something I'm not doing right on the laptop.

  Slithe 12:27 06 Jan 2006

Sorted - was bloody Norton Firewall, I had to twiddle with everything and now it's working.

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