BT voyager 2100 - ae is it free

  User-C4C79601-3CFD-47B8-A5E4D4AA6B4408AD 19:38 17 Sep 2005

ive just moved house and bought a new laptop, with wireless enabled.
on the off chance i searched for devices and bt voyager came up and i was able to connect to it and access the internet.
so my question is how is this possible as noone can send me a bill???
my only thoughts are that i might be hitting on next doors wireless network!!
does anyone know whats going on and will i be getting a knock at the door if i keep using it??

  LAP 19:45 17 Sep 2005

When using wireless unless you activate the security WPA etc anyone within a certain distance can use the net. Your neighbour has obviously not done this, although I think they should be aware that someone is using.

  Magik ®© 19:58 17 Sep 2005

on the voyager control panel it tells you how many PC's are connected at any one time, so he will soon find out that they are not all his..

  Access genu 21:48 17 Sep 2005

I wouldnt di it click here

  De Marcus™ 21:52 17 Sep 2005

Take a walk.......

round to your neighbours house that is, with a bottle of wine and use it to break the ice, it's what I'd do anyway.

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