.wullie.d 20:35 01 Dec 2007

Hi All..Having recently obtained a refurb BT Voyager 210 (unlocked and without it's cd)... Having followed setup info via web sites I find that (a) I cannot seem to get it to connect via the ethernet cable.. and (b) after downloading and installing drivers, it WILL work via the, USB cable when connecting to IE via ""...the only prob is that although it allows browsing websites, I can't connect to Outlook Express for my mail.... The rear Ethernet port is lit when the cable is attached to either of the two options on the rear of the I assume that it's 'live' ....if you know what I mean.
Any suggestions for a Silver Surfer????????????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:01 01 Dec 2007

That sounds as if it is still locked!

click here is firmware download.

1, Find Firmware zip file
2. Unzip to cfe-voyager210_roi-v301z_a2pb018c1
3. Connect the router to the computer via an ethernet cable
4. In your web browser, go to click here
4a. Note firmware version in the bottom left corner (ie Version n.nnX)
5. Select [Advanced] from the left menu
6. Select [Advanced] link at middle/bottom of right frame
7. Click [System] on left menu
8. Click [Upgrade] on left menu
9. Enter user/password (default is admin/admin)
10. Click [From Local PC] at top of page
11. Click [Browse] button
12. Browse to previously unzipped file cfe-voyager210_roi-v301z_a2pb018c1
13. Click [Ugrade]
14. Wait a good 5 minutes to be sure upgrade complete.
15. All router lights should be green
16. Power router off
17. Wait 60 seconds
18. Power router on - and wait for lights to be green.
19. Again point web browser at click here
Note firmware version in the bottom left corner (ie Version n.nnX) should have changed (3.01z in my test case)
20. Select [Advanced] from the left menu
21. Select [Advanced] link at middle/bottom of right frame
22. Click [Internet] on the right hand pane
23. Click [Edit] (Pencil Icon) on right side
24. If not already set VPI number to 0
25. If not already set VCI number to 38
26. Click [Next] 3 times
27. Add broadband user and password if you want at this page
28. Click [Next]
29. Click [Apply]

  pk46 21:37 01 Dec 2007

Check your outlook express settings ie POP3 and SMTP and email address an error here outlook express won't work.

  .wullie.d 21:29 03 Dec 2007

Have tried as suggested...without success...following info. I can connect to internet but still cannot find a way to connect to Outlook Express...I use Mailwasher as an intermediary for diagnosing 'rubbish' emails... this works but will not allow processing acceptable mail to O.E.
I've reverted to my "Zoom" USB modem

  .wullie.d 16:36 06 Dec 2007

Discovered my problem...finally reaching my grey-haired follicles!!!
Cure lay in OE Accounts as follows->

Open O.E....Tools...Accounts...Internet Acounts...Highlight each individual Email acct. concerned...Properties...Connection..."Always connect to this Acct." using-: 'Local Area Network' ...Apply... OK... Close

All now appears OK with me...All Systems Go

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