BT voyager 2091 modem/router problems

  Lee-262377 11:30 18 Aug 2006

Hi, i recently purchased a 2nd hand model of the above but there is no software with it, can anybody point me in the direction of how to get this online, ive tried various internet searches and the bt site directly, i also have a dlink DI-514 for when (hopefully) i manage to get it working. i have an adsl speedtouch thomson 330 modem that i connect with at the moment.

  ade.h 18:20 18 Aug 2006

You don't need software to operate or configure a router.

I am wondering, however, why you intend to use an ADSL modem/router in conjunction with another Cable/DSL router? That does not make sense and cannot be done.

  ade.h 15:35 19 Aug 2006


  Lee-262377 19:49 19 Aug 2006

when i plug the usb lead in xp looks for the software or drivers to install for the found new hardware, only trouble is there isn't any. Ive tried driverguide too, or perhaps im missing something?? sorry very new to this routing thing.
I have a multi wireless router too that i bought by mistake that i was going to connect to my new combined one (but it seems thats not necessary after reading your previous reply)
Can you give me the idiot guide to installing it or configuring it as my device manager shows it with a yellow ? so not sure how to proceed.....

  ade.h 20:18 19 Aug 2006

Routers do not - cannot - use USB as it is not a networking medium. Routers and all other network components of the wired variety use Ethernet. So what exactly is the device that are you trying to install?

  Lee-262377 21:56 19 Aug 2006

Voyager 2091 Wireless ADSL Modem Router

The BT Voyager 2091 is a state of the art Wireless Router combined with an IEEE 802.11g Wireless Networking Access Point. It has an integrated ADSL Modem that easily handles an 8MB connection.
It is not only a wireless router and integrated ADSL modem but also has Ethernet capabilities, meaning that you can connect your XBox or PS2 for online gaming.

Connects either by Ethernet, USB or wireless - or a combination of them all. It's your choice giving you total freedom and versitility.

Now all computers can access the Internet whatever their location around your home or office. Simply install a compatible wireless adapter into all the computers you want to use with your Broadband connection. In addition, with the integrated Ethernet you can share your Broadband connection with additional computers, a games console or any Internet-aware devices with RJ45 Ethernet ports.

Wireless Adapters* such as the BT Voyager 1040 Desktop or BT Voyager 1060 Laptop send and receive signals to and from your PC and Wireless Router. Key customer benefits are...

Share broadband connection Surf away from your desk with a laptop Use your computer where you want, not where the DSL socket is

Easy to use and install

Ethernet socket to connect a games console, more computers or a complete wired network

802.11g wireless standard Supports BT Turbo 11g for speed up to 30% faster than standard 802.11g

Backward compatible with 802.11b

Comprehensive user guide and technical guide

BT quality and reliability Full CE approval

Supports up to 10 computers with a range of up to 100m indoors and 250m outdoors (in ideal conditions)

Share music, video and picture files faster than even before with new 11g technology- 5 times faster than before

Parental Internet access control offers peace of mind

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) with 64 or 128 bit encryption, WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and built-in firewall mean that only authorised computers can use your network. Sleek and stylish in design with a whole load of features packed inside. Also note that this device works at the super fast 11g standard as well as the slower 11b.

Wireless Adapters send and receive signals to and from your PC and Wireless Router. This gives you the Wireless Freedom to Surf wherever you want in the home or office, and not be limited to where the ADSL socket is! A complete Wireless ADSL Modem Router that ensures fast Internet and your voice telephony are optimised.

Up to 10 wireless connections.

Faster 802.11g wireless standard

Backward compatible with 802.11b





Key features

High speed wireless (30% faster than 802.11g 54 Mbit/s)

Range up to 100m indoors, 250m outdoors*

Connect to broadband Internet from anywhere in your home/office and move around with a laptop

Ethernet port to connected wired devices for online gaming

Create a home network to transfer files and share printers between your computers

8MB Broadband compatible


What's in the box?

Power supply

Voyager 2091 Wireless ADSL Router

2 x BT High quality micro filters

1 x RJ11 Cable

1 X USB cable

1 x Ethernet cable

CD with User Guide

Quick Start Guide







basically i want to b able to connect my PS2 to it and i just cant work it out its powered by the 12v power cord, looks like i shouldnt have bothered to plug in the usb, whats that for on this model incidentall?

  ade.h 23:23 19 Aug 2006

Please don't send unsolicited emails to forum members; as it says in the forum guidlines, that system is for use when asked/invited.


You cannot connect a router to a client via USB. It cannot be done; USB is not a networkable interface, and it's as simple as that.

Any mention of USB connectivity refers to the option - available with a small number of routers - that allows you to disable the internal ADSL modem and use an external ADSL modem. Note that this does not apply to Cable modems, which require a different type of router.

You must connect your clients to the router via Ethernet cable or via their wireless adapters.

  Lee-262377 23:30 19 Aug 2006

Sorry, just thought it would b easier to explain that way, it wont happen again. I'm still no wiser than i was 2 days ago.
Basically i want to connect my ps2 to play online games, i have a network adapter on the back of my ps2 with an ethernet port, its the connections i dont understand. my router/modem has 3 connections on the back dsl, ethernet and usb, I gather from the bumf on the website that u can use wireless, usb or ethernet, for arguments sake I want to use the ethernet, i had a thomson speedtouch dsl modem with no ethernet socket. Could u at least advise me on what needs to be connected to what so i can try and figure it out?
otherwise its going to be an expensive ornament

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