BT Voyager 2091 Connection Problem

  Hysteria 22:16 12 Jun 2006

Hi Guys,
I could really do with some help with this problem as im getting really desperate to sort it out and for the life of me i cant figure out whats wrong. ( I apologise in advance for the long story but i just want to give you all the information possible)

About 3 days ago we upgraded to Bt broadband option 3 to get 8mb broadband and the Bt Voyager 2091 wireless router/modem (before this we had 2mb bt broadband and a speedtouch 330 usb modem). I religiously followed the instructions to set up the router and and after having installed the ethernet cable between the pc and router, i was then instructed to insert the dsl cable from the microfilter connected to the wall to the router and wait for the dsl connection to establish. Unfortunatly this did not happen and instead the dsl light flashed for a few seconds, went solid green (so good so far) and then went off about 5 seconds after. The light would then stay off and then minutes later go through the same procedure. Disaster. I tried reinstalling the software, changing the microfilters, changing all the cables with different ones (ethernet, dsl), and then called the bt support tech line. After several hours of tweaking settings and reseting the router and switching the pc on and off they and running line checks on their end i got nowhere and was instructed to wait 10 days for my connection to stabilise. I even tried reinstalling windows by the way, but the problem still persisted. Now heres where it gets really weird...

I decided to just switch the computer off and leave the problem for a while, leaving the router switched on with all the cables still plugged in. BUT when i came back in the room about 20mins later i noticed both the dsl and now the internet lights had turned on and were stable. Shock! So i turned on the computer and almost immediatly both lights went out, and from then on would go through the same momentary connection and then turning off for minutes and repeat thing it was doing before. UNTIL i again turned off the computer in my fustration, came back in 20mins later and again the lights had come back on and had a stable connection. Before rushing to turn the computer on again, i borrowed a laptop from a neighbour and tried connecting wirelessy through that, and no problem, it connected fine and i could browse the internet fine. So i turned the computer on once more, and again the lights went out instantly. I made sure all firewalls were off and because i had just reinstalled windows xp fresh there were definitely no program conflictions, besides the connection was lost as soon as the computer booted up.

Just for added information, the ethernet light on the router stays on even when the computer is switched off and when its on the it makes a LAN connection fine but i the dsl light still refuses to connect, and i have also tried connecting using the usb port. I also tried switching back to my old speedtouch 330 usb modem and although i can make a connection the the internet the line disconnects every few minutes, and runs at about 100KBps and i should be on 5-8MBps!!!! Also the connection speed is now also the same on my neighbours laptop. Also the sky box in the living room is disconnected from the phone line and i made sure their were microfilters on all phone sockets with phones connected and switched them all round to be certain.

I would really appreciate any help you could give me people as i really dont understand where the error is. If you need anymore information just ask. Thanks!!!

Jon (hysteria)

  josie mayhem 18:35 17 Jun 2006

If you've only just upgraded to BT 8mb then the loss of conection could be due to BT still testing the line to get the best speed possiable, this can take up 10 days...

Not sure whats happening with your modem though, I think your best bet is to give the support line a phone or try the BThelpdesk and run a dianogsic check via this and see if it shows anything.

Best of luck

  wobblymike 13:43 18 Jun 2006

Are you still on with this I have some thoughts if you are but checking first.

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