BT Voyager 205 Modem/Router

  Simsy 18:03 20 Dec 2005


After much time trying to sort a problem today I've just been told what I'm trying to achieve isn't possible!!! Bah humbug. I'd reaaly like someone knowledgeable to confirm or otherwise...

I have just bought a Voyager205 ADSL modem/router. (2nd hand, via eBay).

It has a USB "output". as well as an ethernet "output". I was intending to use each of these as a means of connecting 2 PCs, (completely independantly), to the internet.

I have had trouble getting the ethernet connection to work, and have just been told, by the helpline for my isp, that I can't do this... it works on one or the other at a time*.

Is this really right!

Thanks for any responses. Note, with respect, I'm not looking for a way out of this... I'm looking for confirmation, or otherwise, that this fact* is so.

thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 18:04 20 Dec 2005

apologies... this should probably have been in the networking forum!!




  Skyver 18:23 20 Dec 2005

It says you can do exactly that on the BT can it be called a router if it only supports one connection at a here

  Simsy 18:53 20 Dec 2005

I thought it was possible...

I'd looked everywhere for a link to that! Using that link I've managed to get through to a person who confirms that it can connect two computers to the internet, one via USB and one via ethernet, AT THE SAME TIME.

Many thanks for the opinion, and the lead!

Now.. why can't I get it to work!



  Skyver 18:58 20 Dec 2005

No prob, I had to look up some info on that very model a few days ago. Do both connected computers give a 192.168.x.x address when connected to the router ?
ipconfig (XP) / WINIPCFG.EXE (win 9x)?

  Simsy 19:16 20 Dec 2005

I've now disconnected the 2nd PC, (Win98se), (and put it back in my son's room for the evening... otherwise it's in the way). Mine has XP, but no ethernet card/socket.

When I run ipconfig, (winXP) a DOS type window flashes up briefly then disappears... too quick for me too read it. How do I do so?

I'm going to look at it again tomorrow.

This thread has the start of the story! click here

Thanks for your interest.



  mgmcc 07:37 21 Dec 2005

<<< When I run ipconfig, (winXP) a DOS type window flashes up briefly then disappears... too quick for me too read it. >>>

Open a "Command Prompt" window instead of trying to use the command directly from the "Run" box:

In XP, "Start > Run", type CMD and click OK

In 98, "Start > Run", type COMMAND and click OK

After opening the "Command Prompt" window, type IPCONFIG /ALL and press Enter.

Alternatively, in Windows 98 you can type WINIPCFG directly into the "Run" box for a graphical IP Configuration utility.

When both computers are connected to the router, they should each have an individual IP addres but in the same range, probably 192.168.x.x

If either should acquire a 169.254.x.x address, then there is a problem and the connection hasn't been able to get the correct IP address from the router.

  doggon 22:29 21 Dec 2005

In answer to your initial question, I have a Voyager 205 Router/Modem which was supplied by BT who are my ISP. When you run the setup disc you are told the following:

If you are setting up a single computer we recommend you choose the ethernet option.

If you're installing two computers we recommend you choose USB for the first computer and ethernet when you repeat the installation process by running this disc on your second computer.

Hope this is some help.


  Simsy 08:46 22 Dec 2005

I've bought the unit 2nd hand, on eBay. It seems to be OK. It did come with the BT disc... but BT isn't my isp. (Plusnet is) I had to download the driver seperately.

maybe I need to install something onthe 2nd PC. I did try, (clutching at straws), installing the driver on the 2ndPC, but that's really just a USB driver for the modem, so that didn't do it.

I suspect running it on the 2nd disc adjusts some settings so it can use the ethernet... that's what I need to do manually!

If only I could find out what!




  mgmcc 22:05 22 Dec 2005

When connecting a PC's network adapter to the ethernet port in a router, there is *NO* software or drivers installation involved (except of course the network adapter itself must be properly installed).

Basically you just connect the PC to the router, ensure the Local Area Connection's TCP/IP settings are configured to get the IP address automatically and you should be online.

You *DO NOT* try to connect to the ISP from a PC when it is connected to a router, it is the router's function to establish the internet connection with the ISP.

  Simsy 09:09 23 Dec 2005

for that mgmcc...

I thought that was the case.

I know that the network adapter was properly installed and working as my son was using it to connect to the internet at his Uni halls... There is nothing untoward showing in device manager...

So assuming the router ethernet port is working, (it lights up when connected to the 98pc ethernet port), what more might I need to do?

(Later...I'm at work at the moment!)

Many, many thanks for your input with this!



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