BT voyager 2000 disconnects, anyone got one ???

  Magik ®© 14:14 04 Jul 2005

hi, A very rough outline, I think it is BT, but here goes.....every 5 minutes it drops the line then reconnects, and when i say every 5 min, that is what it does..hour after hour..had the engineer down a week ago, could find no fault, he left at about 11.00 at 4.30 it was back to as it was, been like this for just over 4 weeks..i have reinstalled the software, reset the modem to factory settings, time and time again.. by the way, it is a wireless adsl router.... anyone got a clue.....thanks

  roygbiv 14:30 04 Jul 2005

just a guess (my experience) cordless DECT phones and BB dont mix.
Is there interferance from a nearby wireless source ??

  Magik ®© 15:49 04 Jul 2005

that is a good point, so I unplugged every phone in the house.....i can not make out why the line only holds for 5 minutes, drops then reconects.

  roygbiv 17:23 04 Jul 2005

another (wild guess) does BT's 1571 service effect it (like it does to dial up)?

Did the phone thing work??

  Magik ®© 18:12 04 Jul 2005

hi, all the phones have been unplugged, another thing i can not get my head around,most of the day (except to day) it is ok up till about 4-5 then that is it till the early hours of the next morning, it went down yesterday evening and came back on this morning at 6.30...the thing is the damm thing connects then drops the line, then connects again..

  roygbiv 15:31 05 Jul 2005

I am not very knowledgeable, but a while ago my dial up was playing up and it turned out to be down to a DACS box on the line, BT trying to share the cable.

I am sure that someone onPCA can help you further, perhaps another post? Alan

  Magik ®© 16:17 05 Jul 2005

thanks all, after surfing the web i found someone else who said theirs was dropping every 5 minutes as well, so i am not alone. one said he was told the voyager looks for a stronger signal at 5 minute intervals, so at the moment it looks like it is not BT, but the modems you buy or get from them ....which is the voyager range.....100,105,205 2000, and 2001..


  Magik ®© 16:23 05 Jul 2005

in case anyone else has the trouble...a link

click here

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