Bt voyager 105 modem 'training'?

  morris948 13:47 28 Aug 2006

i have BT braodband 512k service, most of the time it works OK, but some days the ststus shows Training in the taskbar icon, this keeps dropping the line every 2 minutes or so and can go on for several days.

Why does it do this, i have had this installed for nearly 2 years, you would have thought it would be 'trained' by now !!

Even as i am typing this now the broadband keeps redialing, is there anything i can do to sort this out, because it is irritating when you are filling in fields on a website to purchase something because you have to start from scratch again,and then try to fillout the forms quickly before it goes offline.

  LAP 13:51 28 Aug 2006

Just check Tools/Internet Options/Connections and make sure 'Never dial a cnnection' is ticked.

  morris948 15:00 28 Aug 2006

This option is already set at 'never dial a connection'

  LAP 15:09 28 Aug 2006

click here this is an old ,but unfortunately as happens more often than not the creator has not bothered to up date it, so we do not know the final outcome. It may help you.

  morris948 15:34 28 Aug 2006

The thread has very similar sysmptoms, but the problem comes and goes.
That is why i dont suspect cables or modem, becuase i am around 6 miles from the exchange, could the signal drop out more frequently?

  FelixTCat 16:08 28 Aug 2006


When establishing a connection to adsl a modem goes through several stages, one of which is called Training. I've forgotten what the others are called, except that final connection is called Showtime and I believe one is called Channel Selection.

What it means is that your modem is struggling to establish a stable adsl connection.

Check in the modem stats (if it stays up long enough) for Downstream Rate and Signal to Noise Ratio and make a note of them.

Move your modem to the master telephone point and see if you get a better connection. Check those numbers again.

Remove the front cover of the master telephone point (2 screws). Inside is another telephone point (called the test socket). Try the modem again and check the numbers again. (Note - this will disconnect every phone in the house.)

If the numbers are much better at the test point than your normal socket, you have a problem somewhere in the telephone wiring in your house; if the numbers are the same, there is a problem in the BT lines to your house and you should raise this as a problem with your ISP to raise with BT.



  LAP 16:14 28 Aug 2006

I cannot answer this re the distance, but 6 miles does not seem a great distance. Perhaps someone else can answer this.

Have you emailed/spoken to Bt about this? Do you know someone who lives in the same area as you?

  FelixTCat 16:27 28 Aug 2006


6 miles IS a long way from the exchange for adsl. That would explain the connection difficulty and low speed, but you can still make the best of it.

Make sure that you have microfilters at every telephone point, not just the modem.



  morris948 20:03 28 Aug 2006

Thank you for your replies, i think you are on to something here.
My PC is located in a bedroom which is some distance from the master socket, then i realised that my work computer (BT business broadband) is connected directly to the master socket,(i have 2 phone lines, 1 is dedicated to my work computer via VPN network) and this rarely drops out, maybe once a month.

So it looks like i have to either put up with it or relocate my PC.
Thanks for all your help.

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