BT Usage -- Allowance exceeded

  AFoxyLady 09:04 10 Feb 2008

I have received an e-mail from BT saying our monthly allowance is 8gb , but our total usgae fro last month was 28.22gb. If it is exceeded again, they will levy a charge 0f £0.30 for every extra GB we use.

Does that mean we would pay an extra £8.40.

We can also "upgrade" by paying £24.99 a month - Not sure what we pay at the moment, as my partner gets the bills, and they are not itemised.

My daughter was staying here (she is nearly 16) and she does use the computer to excess - How can I tell exactly what our correct usage is/was and if this is a fair reading. Was it really our usage, or has someone else been using it?

We do have a wireless network - but as far as I am aware it is secure (Uni son set it up!)

I use Bullguard on a regulr basis - can I use any other spy ware software without causing any conflicts.

We have the main PC, and also use a laptop.

Any pointers will be graetfully received!

  €dstowe 09:14 10 Feb 2008

8GB per month is the lowest Option that BT does, I think, and is meant for people who do little more than emails and a bit of online shopping/banking.

If you look at the other Options on the BT Broadband pages you will see what's available and an idea of what the different allowances represent in terms of downloads.

  crosstrainer 09:22 10 Feb 2008

Change to an ISP that does not "cap" your monthly usage.

click here

click here

A determined teenager can chew through a lot of bandwidth :)

  AFoxyLady 14:35 10 Feb 2008

Crosstrainer - you are so correct in stating that a determined teenager can chew through a lot of bandwidth! She does tend to watch a lot of films via the net, but I am not sure exactly which site she uses, or how. I admit I should do, but I do check up on her, and as she is 16...... a certain amount of privacy should be allowed.

In saying that, I have checked out the BT site, and we are on Option 2, which apparently gives us up to 8gb a month - we can upgrade to Option 3, if we wish.

I am going to see what happens this next month with usage, and if we go over, then might well consider changing providers, or possibly uograding.

Have to confess I was concerned that we were perhaps being used by something or someone, but I am 99% sure that our wireless connection is secure, so reckon it is just the "Determined teenager!!"

Cheers for the pointers.

  Totally-braindead 14:40 10 Feb 2008

There will be an option on the BT site to check on what its been used for, cannot say where it is but it will be there.
You have 3 choices as I see it. Upgrade your account, change ISPs or keep track on the usage and when you reach the limit stop its use for the rest of the month.
8 gigs is more than enough for me but I don't do the films and that is likely where all the use is going as a film could easily be 4 gig of your 8 and thats just one film.

  crosstrainer 14:40 10 Feb 2008

As you have enabled and set up a WEP network key (128 is better than 64) Then you should see the "security enabled wireless network" message when you look at your network connections. If you don't see the little padlock symbol, then you need to log in to your router and enable this security feature. If not, any Tom, Dick or Harry who can see your connection will be able to steal your bandwidth (and yes it is theft!)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:53 10 Feb 2008

Why not charge your daughter for any Gbs over the 8 or charge her for the extra cost to upgrade?...much better than faffing around changing suppliers. Watching films or even downloading them can use of huge amounts of bandwidth.


  sinbads 15:07 10 Feb 2008

Changing suppliers may be difficult you will probably be locked into a contract usually 12 months could be 18mths, you would need to check

  €dstowe 15:15 10 Feb 2008

Changing supplier will most likely cause huge problems - not only with your current contract but getting connected with a new supplier. Incompetence on a scale you couldn't imagine seems to always take over when more than one ISP is involved with your service. Sometimes it doesn't need even more than one.

Stay with BT. They may not be the cheapest but, in my view, they do provide the most reliable service (after all, the wires used belong to them).

I've been with BT a very long time now and, reading some of the horror stories about other ISPs, it would take an awful lot for me to change supplier.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:17 10 Feb 2008

Net Monitor :-
Netmeter click here

this free program will show what is being used and you can set alrm if approaching limit.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:31 10 Feb 2008

"I am not sure exactly which site she uses, or how. I admit I should do, but I do check up on her, and as she is 16...... a certain amount of privacy should be allowed."

I agree, however a teenager uses sites where the unscrupulous take advantage.
I spend alot of tme "cleaning PCs" when teenagers have unkowingly downloaded lots of spyware (and worse) from Chat rooms, ringtone sites etc.

please check your Firewall, Antivirus and Antispyware is upto date.

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