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  Abel 11:29 31 Mar 2013

I live in north Devon and until the early hours of this-morning (31/3/2013) I've been without Broadband for 36 hours from about 6.20pm on Good Friday. I'm now reconnected but my Internet speed is just 0.20 kbps. Normally my highest speed is 3.00 kbps of which I usually get 2.91 kbps. I would like to know what experiences other BT users have had either in the SW or elsewhere


  Secret-Squirrel 11:45 31 Mar 2013

The BT Service Status page mentions a problem in the South West:

**Time resolved: Sun 31/03/2013 at 05:17 Dialling codes affected: 01237, 01823, 01963, 01460, 01984, 01769, 01598, 01398, 01672, 01805, 01404, 01643 We've fixed the problem in the West Country area so your broadband should now be working. If it isn't, try restarting your modem or router**

Turn your router off then on again and see if that fixes things.

  Abel 12:30 31 Mar 2013

Thanks S-S! I tried that earlier and lost the connection again. A little wary at the moment although my exchange number is among those you show. Unless anyone else wants to contribute I'll sign off as resolved


  Diemmess 15:27 31 Mar 2013

Observations on two occasions when BT has given trouble.

  1. About 3 years ago when a passing farm hay tosser tore my phone line off the house it seemed BT was not the company that would carry out repairs.

This was in the domain of Open Reach, who subcontracted the replacement of 5 telephone poles to some German contractor, before Open Reach put some wires up and BT played front of house manager and ticket collector. BT diverted all incoming calls to my mobile, but left me to pay for any outgoing that I made. Without a connection for 8 days.

  1. More like your problem when some exchange alterations were made broadband speed fell to useless and BT customer support seemed not to know there was anything wrong. BT v Open Reach again I suspect.

I suggest you persist with BT's helpline 0800 111 4567. You will initialy have to play their menu games, and be ready to cope with the plethora of questions from have you plugged everything in, have you pulled out all the other telephone sockets. Are you filters all working? Then there is the Asian accent which gives way to a Scottish one with persistence.

At no time did BT seem to be aware of any local engineering works, but in your case they do know about a major breakdown solved, and that may help to get some relevant response earlier rather than later. At about the 3rd attempt the team were talking with, and doing mysterious things behind the scenes with some engineering bod and I was seeing the download speed increase after another day's frustration.
Good luck

  Nontek 15:31 31 Mar 2013

I had a similar problem a week or so ago - on checking BT Status was told that Cable Thieves had stolen a load of cable affecting my area - since fixed and working fine again.

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