BT Total Broadband Software

  suedeblue 10:49 16 May 2007

I installed my BT Total Broadband hub and software yesterday (having been with Tiscali since they were Lineone for 10 years) and my system crashed. After a restart ran very slow and hung for so long that I had to reboot several times.
I have uninstalled the stofware and hub but my system is still hanging and after numerous reboots appears normal again.
I've gone back to my Belkin router.
Can anyone give me any advice with regard to any similar experiences with BT Total Broadband please.

  Mad Mick 11:32 16 May 2007

For what it is worth. Advice by BT customer help is as follows:-

Every time you switch off or re-connect your router or modem, your broadband service refreshes your connection speed. Note, however, that where this has increased, your throughput speed will not increase for a further 3 days. This is a to minimise the risk of data loss which would occur if the exchange tried to send data down your phone line at a faster rate than it is capable of handling.

To avoid this happening, your exchange waits for three days of consistently higher connection speeds before it will increase the speed at which it passes data down your line. Also note that if your connection speed dips for any reason during the three-day period (eg. due to electrical interference or a fault), the exchange will re-start the three-day period.

For these reasons we recommend you leave your router switched on all the time, and avoid measuring your throughput speed until three days after you last switched on or re-booted your router or modem.

  suedeblue 11:41 16 May 2007

Thanks Mad Mick.
I connected to BT Total Broadband on Friday when my switch over took place and have left my Belkin router connected since (I simply imput my new username and password to connect) then until yesterday I had the belkin router connected.
I've got to say that so far Tiscali seem brilliant in comparison to BT.

  frostyuk 12:20 16 May 2007

i have had problems before with the hub but never had it crash my system. as for the software i've installed and then removed it, it's not worth having. on another point i have to say the service i have had from BT has been great some small humps but once they have been sorted always had great service i am like the FE with BT

  suedeblue 12:28 16 May 2007

Hi Frostyuk.
Thanks for the info.
What do you mean FE? Sorry to be thick if it is obvious.
Can I ask then that the install disk you get with the hub, do you just not install it and simply connect the hub to the phone socket and computer then log on?
I also seem to be only connecting 1.62mb and would hope by now to be getting a higher speed as I connected via my own router on Friday.
Many thanks.

  [email protected] 12:47 16 May 2007

shortly after joined bt total broadband i got rid of everything software wise, i just use the homehub via ethernet cable, no helpdesk, drivers yahoo stuff etc.
i get occasional problems with the auto updates, about once every two/three months, in that internet speed slows, it seems to be that the latest update was unsucessful, i just remove the power for 10 seconds and reconnect and it seems to sort itself out, hasnt happened for a while so maybe they have fixed the problem.
If you need help from them, i usually find battering them with legal threats seems to get results.
i would use any software just connect your hub and let it run itself.

  suedeblue 13:00 16 May 2007

Thanks Adman 2.
I'll try again with the hub minus the software and hope for increased speed to the 8mb they advertise.
Do you have the telephone package and if so how have you found it?

  [email protected] 14:25 16 May 2007

a complete nightmare to be honest, 3 months to go and im outta there, probably not what you want to hear but i had it in june kept losing bb till octoberwas quoted £40 a month yet they keep taking £75 and wont tell me what for, the internet phone has probably worked 60% of the time and the quality is usually terrible, i went with bt because they, well used to be a market leader, but wont again, its my first pc and the help icon i used to have was a complete waste, i got all the help i needed as a beginer here as i can ' unplug and try again' quite well on my own and that seemed to be all they could offer, and if you phone bombay they offer the same, they must have loads of satisfied customers, but im not one of them sorry.
btw if you ever lose coms with no bt software running, type your ip address in the address bar and press connect, this is something i worked out and bt help knew nothing about!

  €dstowe 14:32 16 May 2007

I'm like Adman 2. I use the BT hub and the hub phone but none of their software. I heard that others have had problems with it and, as I wouldn't use its capabilities, I didn't bother installing it.

  frostyuk 15:26 16 May 2007

FE= forum editor,
I have the phone package and works well for me you dont need he software it's just takes up hard drive space to be honest, all you need to do is to connect via a wirless adpt or via a cable to the hub thats it nothing more or less

  postie24 16:48 16 May 2007

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