BT Total Broadband installation

  Graham. 21:03 08 Oct 2006

A friend has tried various ways to get online with broadband. The latest is BT Total Broadband, which is not faring any better so far.

I am attempting to install the modem on my PC, but I come unstuck when the 'Internet' light does not come on. The 'Broadband' light flashes and then syncs OK.

Is the 'Internet' light looking for the connection to BT Internet (I am on PlusNet)?

  Jackcoms 21:05 08 Oct 2006

Has your friend's 'phone line actually been activated for BB use yet?

  skidzy 21:15 08 Oct 2006

As Jackcoms says,the line needs activating first.This can happen overnight or upto a week.

I take it you have connected the filter ?

"Broadband' light flashes and then syncs OK"

Are these lights solid and not flashing ?

You have setup the account,username and password to the internet connection ?

  harry1888 21:18 08 Oct 2006

Need to uninstall your modem before you install the one your testing as well.

  Graham. 21:37 08 Oct 2006

My modem uninstalled first.

Friends line definitely activated.

Lights solid after sync.

  skidzy 21:46 08 Oct 2006

Have you setup the internet connection ?

Control panel/Network and internet connections/Setup or change an internet connection/connections/and follow the wizard.

You will need your username and password

  Graham. 22:04 08 Oct 2006

All that is set up by the installation CD these days.

The basic question is will I be able to 'test' the installation by runnining it on my PC.

  skidzy 22:16 08 Oct 2006

So you have used the software to setup the modem ? i take it you have assigned the plusnet details into the installation of the internet connection.

Have you tried via the control panel method i suggested earlier.

I have no idea if the modem will work on your pc as your provider is different to your friends and mine.

I have tried and tested a couple of modem's here and all has been ok.

Can you describe exactly the problem your friend has.

  Graham. 22:40 08 Oct 2006

If I ignore the Internet light not coming on the installation fails further down the line.

The problem my friend has is the same as I am encountering, but may be for different reasons!

  skidzy 22:46 08 Oct 2006

Sorry if im misunderstanding this,but are you actually saying the software to the modem ie: drivers etc will not load because the software will not install.

If so,can you give us the exact modem name and here

  Graham. 23:04 08 Oct 2006

The software and drivers will load but the installation fails on the self test phase.

No modem name apart from BT Home Hub.

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