BT Total Broadband

  Graham. 15:11 08 Nov 2008

A friend has just got BT Total Broadband. Two issues:

At the rear of the router is a telephone socket. The paperwork gives a new number. Can she simply plug in a phone and make and receive calls? Do the calls go over broadband? Are the calls chargeable?

The BT Vision package is arriving soon. How does this connect? The line master socket (no extensions) and PC is upstairs, the TV is downstairs. The ad says no drilling or wiring, so is it wireless?

  Technotiger 15:42 08 Nov 2008

Hi, The telephone socket at the rear is for connecting a standard telephone with which to make Broadband Talk calls via Broadband. Or you could have the cordless Phone, normally supplied which sits in the cradle in the front of the hub.

Broadband calls are chargeable, but cheaper than normal telephone calls.

I have not got BT Vision, so can't comment on that.

  Technotiger 15:43 08 Nov 2008

PS - of course full instructions will accompany the BT Vision.

  Graham. 15:50 08 Nov 2008

Thanks, I wouldn't count on it.

The username and password, along with all the 'Welcome' literature, arrived by email. I had to ring the helpline to set up Outlook Express. Where's the sense in that?

  Technotiger 15:53 08 Nov 2008

Mine came in a large box with full instructions for the Hub and BT Talk Telephone. The BT Vision comes in an even larger box - I have seen one, but I don't have BT Vision.

  Graham. 15:55 08 Nov 2008

No telephone in the box.

  Technotiger 15:57 08 Nov 2008

BTW - the BT Talk telephone, whether a Standard phone or the supplied cordless phone, can not simply be plugged in and used - one has to set-up a separate Account for the Broadband Talk telephone number. The normal phone account and the BB Talk Account will both appear on the normal BT Bills, with details shown separately.

  mikef. 15:58 08 Nov 2008

Calls are not necessarily chargeable, evening calls are free click here

  Fingees 15:58 08 Nov 2008

The telephone socket is for BT Talk.
As she has a new number she is probably registered for BT Talk.If not she should register (free)

It effectively gives her an extra phone line, as it can be used at the same time as the normal phone.

It has free weekend and evening calls, snd daytime calls are slightly cheaper than normal.

I use mine wi5th a standard cordless phone plugged in

  Technotiger 15:59 08 Nov 2008

If one asks for the telephone, it will be provided free - though I am not sure if it depends on which BT Option is chosen (1,2 or 3), 'cos BT's offers are prone to change.

  wjrt 14:50 09 Nov 2008

bt supply a wireless phone with option 3 total broadband. options 1 and 2 pay extra for cordless phone. with option 3 evening and weekend calls are free. bt supply a new phone number which uses the internet connection for calls leaving landline free. to activate bt talk they should supply you with a password and also when activating a pin number to access call barring facility. bt vision is wireless so your tv set up should be ok

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