Is BT surreptitiously blocking sites?

  greengorilla 00:52 30 Dec 2006

I am a BT Broadband customer. About three weeks ago, I suddenly found myself no longer being able to contact a Canadian website, ICSSA at click here

After several frustrating hours with BT Technical Support in New Delhi I was finally told that the problem was being caused by the BT server not accessing the site (I could have told them and in fact I did!)

They promised to ring me within 48 hours. It's well over 72 hours and I'm still waiting though not holding my breath!

Since then I have tried a proxy server using the Circumventor software as well as Hide-My-IP which disguises one's IP. And, hey presto!, the ICSSA site is available.

I have now asked BT to explain to me why this is happening (they deny blocking it).

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Is the problem being caused by a crap BT server or are they deliberately blocking the site and denying it?

Please mail me directly, if you wish, at [email protected]> about this. Thanks.

  [email protected] 01:00 30 Dec 2006

i have bt bb and your link times out!

  User-312386 01:02 30 Dec 2006

Just looked at that site and it could be a denial of service as the site is a little, erm lets say strange and a little anti- us/uk. However, i am not against free speech etc etc

The site looks ok from a telewest server

  Press Man 01:04 30 Dec 2006

I am with Tiscali BB and your link works for me!

  greengorilla 01:12 30 Dec 2006

Hey everyone, I assure you that ICSSA and its owner Abidjan are not strange at all. I am not a Muslim but just finished Abidjan with his book Ultimate Tragedy which is basically questioning if or not we truly live in a democratic world?

He speaks from an Islamic viewpoint but why shouldn't he? If the world was really free?

He told me that when his site was first put up it was being blocked by the Musharraf dictatorship in Pakistan. Now it seems that MI6 are following suit. This is intolerable. Where will it all end? Today Muslims, tomorrow the rest of us.

That's why I'm alerting everyone. Anyone who believes in the freedom of the Net should be worried this is happening, even if it's only BT that are kowtowing to the Blair regime.

  greengorilla 01:15 30 Dec 2006

Yeah, all BT servers are blocking it. Others like Telewest and Tiscali are not. I suspect the reason for this is that BT cozy up to the UK Government whereas companies like Telewest and Tiscali still retain some freedom.

It smells very totalitarian, Big Brother.

  greengorilla 01:24 30 Dec 2006

Western governments make a big noise about countries like China practising Net censorship. Yet they remain very quiet about the reality that they do it themselves, hoping that no one will notice they're doing it.

In the case of ICSSA, I would ask everyone to drop any prejudices they might have about Muslims and to look at the content of this site objectively, from a secular viewpoint, and then ask themselves why Blair's government, through BT. is blocking it?

Ultimately the question is really about creeping totalitarianism in a western country.

  User-312386 01:49 30 Dec 2006

This is not a political forum.

You have asked for our opinion on the server and we have given you our answers.

Many thanks

  Kev.Ifty 01:51 30 Dec 2006

I can view the site you refer to, no problems.

If you think you have come across a news worthy story, which you may have done. Then get on to the BBC. click here

I'm sure they will be interested should your theories be founded

  greengorilla 01:55 30 Dec 2006

Madboy33, Without going into a tedious debate about what is and isn't politics what I am trying to point out to everyone here is that this a consumer issue concerning the freedom to access the Web.

Your brainwashed conditioning or prejudices might lead you to make odd statements as you have above. But I hope that there are others here whose thinking is not quite so oddball as your's appears to be!

  greengorilla 01:56 30 Dec 2006

Thanx, Kev.Ifty

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